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UFO Sightings

image Image source - Istockphoto

UFO sightings are reported everyday, and while most end up being identified, there are some that never are. Here is some information on five of the most recent UFO reports.

On November 7, 2008, a UFO was just spotted over Bristol in England. The incident was recorded on camera phones of a young citizen named Shellie Williams and her mother. The two witnessed a UFO shooting out “red beams” toward the ground.

On November 4, 2008, an image emerged that was taken in downtown Entre Rios, Argentina. A tourist claims to have witnessed a “strange object” emerging between the two crosses on the St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral domes.

In October, two men in Austin, TX believe they saw a UFO flying above. Carl Lancaster claims he saw some lights, one red and two white, zigzagging in the sky. Doug McCullough, the other gentlemen, claims he was able to record the incident on his video camera. Officials from Austin International Airport claim they have no reports of any strange, flying options that particular night of the incident.

November 3, 2008, another UFO was caught on camera over the town of Filton in England. Paul Matthews, a taxi driver, witnessed the strange object around 2:00 that afternoon. He claims to have seen a hovering, “disc-shaped object” that swiftly disappeared. The Bristol Evening Post wants any other witnesses of the incident to get in contact with them. Denis Plunkett from the British Flying Saucer Bureau, believes this sighting was legitimate.

Late October was when a “Star of Bethlehem” UFO was seen over England. Witness Linda Szabo, from Kingston Avenue, claims to have watched it for eight minutes before it finally disappeared. She describes the strange craft that she saw as “almost like the star of Bethlehem that you see on Christmas cards”. She didn’t think it resembled a plane or anything similar at all. Whatever it was, it disappeared shortly before sunrise. Unfortunately, she Ms. Szabo didn’t have her phone camera at the time and wasn’t able to capture any pictures.