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The UFO In Los Angeles In 1942

image Image source - Istockphoto

What happened in Los Angeles in 1942 changed the way people would think about UFO's. Hundreds of people saw the space ship just hovering over the city.

The military when so far as to shoot light beams up in the sky and lit up the space ship so it was more visible to everyone. If this was an UFO, why do the government and the military deny that there are UFO's in the sky? If there is so much evidence about the Los Angeles UFO, why is there so much controversy about the sights? How could hundreds of people be wrong about what they saw?


No it was not Japanese fighter planes, it was a huge space ship as it was called then. The space was in the sky hovering the 37th Brigade was going to stop at nothing to take it down. Every attempt to bring down the hovering craft was unsuccessful. Spent shells were the only thing falling from the sky. People could not be on the streets because falling shells could have hit them. The space ship was said to have been sitting there without being affected by the blasting. Then the space ship moved into a different area where there were more lights.


The large craft hovered over the MGM Studios. Once it settled over Culver City, someone was able to get an amazing photo of the craft. Then it moved over to Long Beach and soon disappeared. Where did the space ship go? How could it just disappear so quickly without anyone seeing it go? Could the space ship move faster than light? All these questions soon became the questions everyone needed answers to. All the people that saw the space ship agreed on one thing. It was huge and had an orange glow color.


Why is it then that any sightings since then have been explained away as an air balloon, a flash in the sky or a plane of some type? Why does the military continue to avoid the discussion about UFO's? The picture that was taken does not show anything other than a craft of some type unknown to us. It shows a picture of something mysterious in the sky. In 1942, there were no available programs to distort or change the way a picture looks. Then we have to assume that this was indeed a UFO and the picture is authentic.


UFO sightings have been happening for many years. We have to consider that aliens and UFO's have been around since the beginning of time. One can only wonder what else is out there is space. Is there another form of life that could be more advanced than we are? How many different life forms could there be in space? More UFO sightings will continue, but until someone else has the pictures that provide real proof that aliens and space ships exist, people will continue to be skeptical and deny that there are any other forms of life other than us.