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The Triangle UFOs

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One evening my mate and I were out driving around with a couple of friends when we stopped at the local post office to check our mailbox and pick up any mail we may have had.

At the time we had an older model brown van that we had converted into a small, mobile, living space. We started to leave when we got a phone call on our cell phone from another friend who said they would meet us in front of the post office and lead us out the long and winding roads that led to the group camping area we were all supposed to meet at for a weekend camping trip. While we waited things got really weird.

As we waited for our friend to arrive to lead us all out to the camp
site, we felt rather than heard this really odd humming sound. We looked up to see two very large, black, triangle shaped craft hovering not more than a couple  or three hundred yards right above our van!  Each of them had a bright white light at each of the corners of the craft and one was sitting just slightly higher and forward of the other craft. They were completely silent. The humming 'sound' was more of a sensation we felt throughout our bodies right down to our teeth, but it was at the same time very eerily silent. They just hovered above us. Where they had came from we did not know; they just seem to materialize out of thin air.  We sat and observed them, while at the same time they were, presumably, observing us for about 20 minutes. 

One of our friends started using the high powered binoculars we had to get a closer look at the craft to see if he could get a better look at any details on these craft. This must have not set well with the pilots of one of these weird craft because almost as soon as our friend raised the binoculars the craft that was sitting slightly higher than the other one changed. First the white lights did a strange convergence towards the center of the this strange flying machine and converged into one single red light and then it shot straight up into the air and disappeared with with incredible speed.
However, the other triangle craft hovered for a few minutes more and then started, gently and silently, drifting forward and away. We all watched it until it suddenly just shot forward so fast that it too disappeared as quick as a wink.

Shortly after that our other friend showed up to lead us to the camp site. My mate and I and our two friends who had witnessed these weird flying craft told the others of our group about our strange encounter around the campfire that night.  We all sat up for most of the night discussing what we had seen and speculated as to what they could be and where did they come from.  We have done a fair amount of research on the subject over the years since that warm mid-summer's dusk, and there are still as many speculations and unanswered questions as there were that evening 6 years ago.