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Spheres in the Sky

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My Mate and I have seen numerous strange flying craft in the skies on many occasions. One memorable time we were spending a couple of days camping on a friend's farm

while looking at the clear early evening sky we saw what looked like two bright silver balls hanging in the sky over the area of the local lake which was about 5 miles away from our position.  There were odd colored lights glowing around the middle of each of these flying craft.  They suddenly started moving in extremely fast maneuvers that nothing either my mate or myself had ever seen flying could do.  Moving from one side of the sky to the next and back in barely a blink of an eye.  Darting up and down, diagonally and any direction it seemed to wish to go.  Then suddenly they both shot straight upward, flared a bright, fiery orange in the glare of reflected sunlight and were gone in a wink.

The second night of our camp out we once again saw the strange craft except this time while we were watching two more of these large sliver spheres with the softly glowing haze of multicolored light coursing around the equator of these flying spheres when we saw a third one join them and it looked as though it had just phased into being instantly.  We watch them go high into the atmosphere until they glowed with the reflected light of the setting sun and then they hung there for a while just glowing like three small bright mobile stars.  Then, just as suddenly as the third one had appeared when it joined it's compatriots, all three of them just disappeared. 

Over the years we have seen more of what appeared to be these flying spheres.  What they are or who may be piloting these craft is anyone's guess. Serenely beautiful, but still unsettling, it certainly would seem that these craft were built with a technology still far more advanced than anything humanity may have developed thus far.  Judging by the clarity of detail we saw and way they could reflect the sunlight from the altitude they would have had to have been and us still be able to see them pretty well, told my mate and I that these things were quite large in size.  Could it be that the tales told of beings who came to earth in strange flying craft by ancient civilizations such as Sumer are true?  Are theses ancient people returning? Did they ever leave? Many people believe that the Annunaki, as the Sumerians called them, are still very much among us and those that left many ages ago are returning. In light of many archaeological findings made in the last century this line of thought may not be entirely as unlikely as many would think.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that something strange is happening in the skies over our little blue-green planet.  Whether we have visitors from another planet, another dimension, or that something possibly even more sinister is going on is still a big mystery.  Perhaps one thing seems pretty certain to my mate and myself though, and that is the fact that it is we as a species are not alone in this universe.