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The Hill Abduction Story An Interrupted Journey.


The beginnings of one of the most publicized alien abduction stories in the United States occurred on a lonely stretch of US Route 3 in New Hampshire

The time was September Betty and Barney Hill19, 1961. Returning from a vacation, Betty and Barney Hill were expecting to be back at their home in Portsmouth in just a few hours when they first observed a bright point of light in the sky.

At first they thought it might be a meteorite until it maneuvered to a point near the moon and held position there. Speculation then was made that it was one of the new communication satellites that were beginning to be placed in orbit so Betty asked her husband to stop the car and give themselves a better view while also letting their dog have a walk. While Barney took care of business with their pet, Betty used the couple’s binoculars in hopes of getting a better view of the object. As she watched, it moved across the face of the moon and she observed it was flashing a number of multicolored lights.

Barney had not been watching and assured her it was just an airplane and they continued homeward. However, the object then seemed to be pacing their vehicle and slowly drawing closer to them. About a mile south of the town of Indian Head the object swooped down in front of the car and Barney stopped in the middle of the road and got out for a closer look. He then took the binoculars and observed the craft which he no longer believed was a commercial aircraft. Focusing in on the object which was now only eighty to a hundred feet from him, he states he saw a number of human-like entities observing him through the ports in the craft’s side. Immediately all but one of the figures moved away from the “windows” and a set of appendages began to emerge from the sides, each with a blinking red light on the end and another structure emerged from the bottom.

Barney ran back to the car, fearing an unknown danger, and took off down the road. Betty then peered out and up but could see no stars in the sky as the huge craft seemed to be holding position directly over their speeding vehicle.

There followed what they described as a series of loud buzzing sounds which were strong enough to vibrate the car. They reported that at this time they began to feel lightheaded and in a “dream-like” mental state but were otherwise unaffected by any feared electrical shocks. As they passed through Plymouth there was another series of the buzzing sounds which Barney could not duplicate by the mere maneuvering of his vehicle.

They arrived home at about daylight although it was not until later when asked about it that they realized their four hour journey had in fact taken them seven hours to complete. In all, three hours of time had seemed to have simply disappeared along the way.

At first the Hills did not think about their experience much but did attempt to draw pictures of what they has seen. They both had an overwhelming desire to shower to get “clean” but did not know from what. They tried unsuccessfully to remember a coherent account of the night but realized they only had fragmented memories from the time they experienced the first set of buzzing sounds. They both began to experience fatigue even when just rested.

Two days later, Betty called the Pease Air Force Base to report their sighting. The next day Major Paul Henderson phoned the Hills for more details but, despite their descriptions of the craft they saw, ultimately reported to Project Blue Book that the Hills had merely misidentified the planet Jupiter.

Within two weeks Betty had developed recurring nightmares about the experience which were beginning to affect her daily life as well. After investigating several books at the local library about UFO’s, Betty contacted the retired Marine Major Donald Keyhoe who was now a civilian researcher and head of the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). Major Keyhoe turned the report over to fellow NICAP member Walter Webb who was a Boston based astronomer. On October 21 Mr. Webb conducted an extensive six hour interview with the Hills and determined that something about the encounter had generated a sort of mental “block” that made remembering the events difficult.

Over the next two years the Hills began to talk a bit more about their experience and were interviewed by more of the NICAP members. It was suggested that hypnosis may help retrieve some of the “lost” memories of the event. They were referred to a Dr. Benjamin Simon who conducted a number of hypnosis sessions on the Hills between January and June of 1964. The story that was recovered was detailed but hard for the skeptical hypnotist to believe.