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Cash Landrum UFO Incident

image There are documented long-term effects from the alleged encounters.

The Cash-Landrum is one of the most notorious close-encouter UFO incidents ever reported. During one late December evening, in 1980, a car filled with 3 people was driving home on a narrow country road. Occuring near Huffman, Texas.

In interviews following the incident, the occupants of the car described an elongated diamond-shaped object hovering above a thicket of trees. The object appeared unsteady, and periodically expelled flames from its base. The heat generated from the alleged craft was immense, and was reported intense enough to cause the metal body of the car to become excruicatingly hot to the touch.

Betty Cash, then 51 years old, was a small business owner near Huffman, Texas. Her passenger, Vickie Landrum, was 57 years old and enjoying a night out with her employer and grandson. The narrow country road, only occasionally used by locals, was almost completely blocked by the diamond-shaped craft. Betty allegedly stopped the car ony 50 yards from the object, and the three occupants of the car got out to get a better look at the object blocking their path. After less than 5 minutes of staring intently at the object, VIckie and the young man Colby got back into the car, and begged for Betty to do the same. When Betty tried to open the car door, her hand was severely burned from touching the hot metal of the door handle.


Shortly after getting back into the car, the three astonished onlookers witnessed a number of helicopters swiflty approach the object from all directions. Just as the helicopters managed to fully surround the object, the object rapidly moved behind the cover of the treeline. Betty drove the car futher along the road until it joined a major highway, at which point they turned away from the brightly lit craft and its pursuers and drove home. Other motorists and residents of the area also reported seeing the object, though few were close enough to describe the object in detail.

In the hours following the incident, the occupants of the car began experiencing symptoms which seemed to mimic the effects of a severe sunburn. Their skin reddened significantly, and blisters and boils began to erupt from their hands, arms, and face. Betty, in particular, suffered extreme symptoms, and three days following the incident she was rushed to the hospital, unconscious. Betty Cash, the driver of the car, also began experiencing severe hair loss. Cash's doctor, Dr. Brian McClelland, officiall described the symptoms as being similar to severe radiation poisoning. There exist photographs of the injuries inflicted by the heat and/or radiation emitted from the unidentified craft, and those photos show both the burns and the extreme hair loss inflicted on the occupants of the car.

The occupants of the car attempted to contact military officials and air traffic control to get more information about the unidentified craft, as well as the military helicopters which were also reported in the area. There has been no official confirmation that the incident occurred, and reports of inadequate radar coverage of the area was reported by the FAA and air traffic control in the Houston area on the night in question. The occupants of the car sued the United States Government for their injuries and suffering, believing that the craft they witnessed was part of a secret military project. The case was dismissed in 1986, owing to the military's unwillingness to admit that such a craft existed in their arsenal. The case was dismissed on the grounds that "no such object was owned, operated, or in the inventory of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force or NASA.