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Missing Persons Never To Be Seen Again

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Every year thousands of people go missing never to be seen or heard from again. Where did these people go and why are they not contacting their families to say where they are and if they are okay?

Could they be the victims of an alien abduction? People explain this away by saying that these people are all victims of foul play and have either been kidnapped or murdered. Although this is the easiest way to explain it, who can say for any certainty that these people were not abducted by alien spacecrafts and kept for studies? Maybe these people were abducted and died in captivity at the hands of another life form.


One can only look back at the famous 1980 UFO case involving two adults and a child in Texas Piney Woods. The trio was driving through the woody area looking for a bingo game on the night of December 29, 1980. Soon after entering the woods, the trio encountered a diamond shaped spacecraft. The UFO would send orange-red flames towards the ground from time to time. Then, they saw so many helicopters coming to the scene. They came from all directions.


One of the women had been out of the car watching this phenomenon and rushed back to the car only to find the door handles so hot that it burned her hand. The women sat and counted the helicopters and were able to count twenty-three of them. Then they headed home to ponder what they had just experienced. Unfortunately, the woman that had been outside the car and burned her hand on the door handle had to go to the hospital were she was diagnosed as a burn patient.


Betty was the woman's name. She was in the hospital for fifteen days during which time she lost her hair and her eyes swelled shut for a week. The boy Colby, seven years old, also had some health issues with his eyes. The second woman, Vicky began to lose her hair as well. These three people were treated for radiation poisoning. Betty was later diagnosed with skin cancer.  


No one would admit to having helicopters in the air that night. Further investigation of the road showed signs of damage from the blasts from the sky. The road was quickly repaired to cover up the story. The trio sued the government for medical compensation and lost. Betty died on the eighteenth anniversary of the encounter from health issued related to the encounter.


Were these three people subjects of a terrorist attack by alien beings or was there another explanation for their ailing health, hot burning door handles on the car and severe damage to the road. To date, no one has ever taken responsibility for the helicopters in the area and no one can explain why these three people were exposed to radiation.  


Was this just another one of those cover-ups by the government? Where did the helicopters come from and why were they there in the first place? Someone must know something about what these three people saw and experienced.