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What are Telekinesis and Psychokinesis?

image Telekinesis, or Psychokinesis, describes the ability to move objects from one place to another.

It basically means mind over matter, in the sense that it can reshape objects using the energies of the mind.

The word “Psychokinesis” means “psyche”, which is derived from Ancient Greece and means “life”, and “kinesis”, of course, means “to move”.  There have been many books written about the subject, both fictional and non-fictional.  Many people are familiar with the term “telekinesis” from the Stephen King book and film Carrie.

According to believers, it really is possible to move or change objects without having any physical contact with them, although it takes a lot of practice and training.  It’s done by manipulating chi, which is universal life force---or psychic energy.  Some individuals believe that telekinesis and psi energy are actually the cause of poltergeist-like activities.  It’s believed that some people can influence objects when under emotional stress without even realizing it. 

Indeed, some researchers seem to agree that the most common form of telekinesis is one that’s not realized consciously, and occurs unintentionally.  Sometimes people become so angry or upset that they cause strange things to happen without even knowing what they’re doing.  These things can include: causing objects to break, unexplainable noises, ceiling fans to move by themselves, or even levitation.

Many paranormal experts and exorcists have gone to homes to investigate “hauntings”, and discovered that there was unrest at the home by the families themselves.  There was usually at least one person in the home who experienced most of the unexplained events, and that person, the experts concluded, was going through a hard time in his or her life.  Normally, teenagers are emotional enough to cause strange occurrences usually associated with poltergeists. 

Whether or not any of this is true is often debated.  It does make sense though, in theory.  But, if it’s possible to cause such things to happen unintentionally, wouldn’t it make sense that such things could be caused intentionally?  Is it really possible for humans to control things with their minds?  Some people seem to think so.  There are many studies currently being conducted over the phenomenon.  There are tips and guides available that provide exercises that allegedly help individuals develop and enhance psi abilities.