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Street Light Interference Syndrome

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Have you ever noticed that whenever a certain person is near electronic devices, that they seem to go out or malfunction?

Or perhaps you have this problem with electronics yourself. Even streetlights seem to go out whenever a certain person is around them, especially when they’re giving off a lot of psychic energy. Why?

This phenomenon is called street light interference — SLI. Street lights, televisions, computers, cell phones, watches, etc. seem to have problems whenever a SLIder is near. Allegedly, this is some type of electromagnetic disturbance that their subconscious gives off. Those who have this ability seem to be unable to control it. They’re not like Carrie White, who can telepathically destroy everything in her path. No, street light interference and electro-interference appear to be triggered subconsciously by certain individuals.

Of course you won’t read about this in scientific journals, as there haven’t been any scientific studies concerning this phenomenon. Since it’s something that can’t be purposely triggered, it usually happens sporadically. SLIders can’t seem to control when they trigger street lights or electronics. There are plenty of subjective reportings though, as well as anecdotal experiences. More and more people are taking notice of SLI syndrome every day.

SLI affects women and men of all ages and from all backgrounds. For the most part, they appear to trigger the psychic interference when they are giving off a lot of psychic energy. It can be when they’re extremely angry or stressed, or even very happy. During times of extreme emotions, they are more likely to trigger street lights to go out, or electronics to act up. While this does sound like a neat thing, it can obviously cost a SLIder a lot of money. Think of all the electronics they go through.

You yourself may even have this SLIder ability if you seem to have “bad luck” with electronics. Or, if you’ve ever walked home during a time when you felt extreme anger, stress, or happiness, and the street lights seemed to blow out every time you walked by them, you just may be a SLIder. You’re not alone. There are plenty of others out there who have this same ability.