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Crystal Amendments (Part II to overall description)

The healing powers of the crystal, the colours and their effects and the 7 chakras in combination with crystals, elements and astrology (for more practical knowledge)

My favorite one.....

Gentle, healing powers

Crystals can harmonize and increase well-being

Anxiety in general: citrine, amethyst, ruby, golden topas

Emotional blockades: fire opal, obsidian, tiger's eye

Depression: lapislazuli, garnet, chalcedon, citrine, pink and darkred coral, jade, aquamarin, golden topas, malachite

Colds: green turmalin, emerald, tiger's eye

Unfeelingness: moonstone, rose quartz

Throat Inflammation: amber, light blue turmalin, chalcedon, blue topas

Lacking Intuition: turquoise, sapphire, lapislazuli, amethyst, aquamarin

Headache: green clear and white turmalin, amethyst, lapislazuli, agate, golden topas, emerald

Lover's Grief: malachite, rose quartz

Despondency: garnet (polished), diamond

Negative Thoughts: turmalin, lapislazuli, white coral, citrine

Unimaginativeness: rose quartz, garnet, coral

Restlessness: amethyst, jade

Stress: amethyst, dolomite

Sadness: hyazinth, ruby, orange sapphire

Emotional Unbalance: malachite, emerald, jade, aventurin, agate

Lacking Will-Power: black obsidian, ruby, red coral, garnet

Lacking Affection: rose quartz, red-purple jadeite

A crystal was hanging around the neck of our father Abraham and every patient who saw it recovered immediately. (Talmud)

The colours of the crystal already reveal a lot of their effects

Red symbolizes vitality and energy. It activates and vitalizes, gives warmth, power and courage.

Pink is the colour of gentleness and tenderness, it spreads beauty and harmony.

Orange takes an effect of revival and stimulation and wakes the pleasure in sensual enjoyment.

Yellow conveys easiness and gaiety, advances mental activity and communication.

Gold gives a feeling of fullness, brilliancy and light-full warmth.

Green calmes, harmonizes and advances regeneration.

Light blue gives inspiration and the feeling of inner freedom.

Dark blue gives peace and concentration.

Purple is the colour of transformation, spirituality and meditation.

Colourless White symbolizes purity and perfection.

Black opens the inner eye for the depths of the soul.

Brown conveys the feeling of being deeply rooted and grants steadfastness.

The 7 Chakras and their associations with crystals, elements and astrology

Chakra 1 (root chakra):

associated zodiacs: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn
associated planets: Mars, Venus, Pluto and Saturn
associated crystals: agate, blood jasper, garnet, red coral and ruby
associated element: earth

Chakra 2 (sacral chakra):

associated zodiacs: Cancer, Libra and Scorpio
associated planets: Moon, Venus, Pluto
associated crystals: carneol, moonstone
associated element: water

Chakra 3 (solar plexus chakra):

associated zodiacs: Leo, Sagittarius and Virgo
associated planets: Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars
associated crystals: tiger's eye, amber, topas (golden yellow) and citrine
associated element: fire

Chakra 4 (heart chakra):

associated zodiacs: Leo and Libra
associated planets: Sun, Venus and Saturn
associated crystals: emerald, jade (green), rose quartz and turmalin (pink)
associated element: air

Chakra 5 (throat chakra):

associated zodiacs: Gemini, Taurus and Aquarius
associated planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus and Uranus
associated crystals: Aquamarin, turquoise and chalcedon
associated element: void (Akasha)

Chakra 6 (third eye chakra):

associated zodiacs: Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces
associated planets: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptun
associated crystal: Lapislazuli, indigo blue sapphire, sodalite
associated element: none

Chakra 7 (crown chakra):

associated zodiacs: Capricorn and Pisces
associated planets: Saturn and Neptun
associated crystals: amethyst and rock crystal
associated element: none