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Knowledge from the Hebrew Numeral System Can figures tell something about the future? Or reveal hidden character traits of a person? The followers of the ancient art of number science affirm this.

Origins of Numerology

Can figures tell something about the future? Or reveal hidden character traits of a person? The followers of the ancient art of number science affirm this.

Number science is a process, in which certain figures are attached to names, time and events. In general, these are the numbers 1 to 9, although sometimes 11 and 22 are included. Each figure has a specific meaning: William Shakespeare is assigned to the five which stands for versatility and ingenuity.
The connection is created that the letter of the alphabet is attached to the figures of the “Hebrew system” according to the table below:

1 = a, i, q, j, y
2 = b, k, r
3 = c, g, l, s
4 = d, m, t
5 = e, h, n
6 = u, v, w, x
7 = o, z
8 = f, p

To find out your personal number just write down to each letter of your name the corresponding figure and then add them. If the result is greater than 9, add the numbers showing the number, and go on until the result is less than 10. The letters of the name Charlotte Bronte reveal 5 (Charlotte = 3 +5 +1 +2 +3 + 7 + 4 + 4 + 5 = 34; Bronte = 2 +2 +7 +5 +4 +5 = 25, 34 + 25 = 59; 5 +9 = 14, 1 +4 = 5).

If the numbers of your name are 1, you are likely to be a dominant type, a leading personality. The Ones are regarded as researchers, inventors, designers - but they often put their ideas into practice without worrying about how people concerned can cope with. They want to dominate all, have rarely close friends and are sometimes, despite their confident appearance, very lonely people.

The 2 is defined as the number of passive, only receiving people. The Twos are quiet, without ambition, friendly and nice, orderly and responsibly. They can still often achieve their target, but not through violence but through gentle persuasion. They are often timid, postpone their decisions, what sometimes brings them into difficult situations.

The 3 is the most extroverted number and belongs to the intelligent, creative and witty people who are easy to find new friends, and apparently always succeed. They are proud, ambitious and gay. Their weakness lies in their inability to take anything seriously - ideas or people - over a long time.

The 4 is like the two the number of reliable, practical people, born organizers. Although they lack the mobility of one and three, but therefore they are fairly and thoroughly also in detail. Sometimes they may be surprised by an irrational anger or depression, although they are otherwise an example for prudence. The Four has always been seen as an unlucky number. Often people whose number is four have hard to pay for every success in life.

The 5 is the number of alert, fast, smart and impatient people. They are extravagant, sociable and curious, often beautiful, but they are extremely reluctant to engage in something. The five embodies the sex. People to whom the five is assigned, often have a busy and exciting love life, sometimes full of tragedies. It also happened that they tend to perversions and excesses in the sexual field.

People, who are assigned to the 6, are among the happiest of the whole number system. They master happy, peaceful, balanced and domestic life, are tenderly, loyal, honest and conscientious. They are not lacking of creativity. Many of them are successful artists. A negative trait of their character is the tendency to narrow-mindedness, arrogance and complacency.

7 is the number of outsiders, self-observing scholars, philosophers, mystics or occultists. Frequently on the edge of life, they are satisfaid with observing it. They are dignified, reserved and controlled. Temporal wealth is often indifferent to them. Although they often seem aloof and arrogant, they prove themselves as loyal friends. Despite their strong intellectual skills, they are often poorly in wording their thoughts. Also they are reluctant to argue when they feel that their ideas are criticized.

The 8 embodies the worldly success. People to whom this number is assigned, are often businessmen, politicians or lawyers. Their success depends to a large extent on hard work, what often happens at the expense of their warm, human qualities. They often seem to be hard, egocentric and greedy. But behind these uncongenial traits often hides a charming character.

The 9 stands for the highest intellectual and spiritual empowerment. Idealists, romantics, poets, priests, teachers and scientists belong to nine. Their features are selflessness, self-discipline and decisiveness. Their idealism covers the whole person. In everyday life, they want to stand in the limelight. However, as friends or lovers, they are volatile.

11 is the number of people who experience revelations and die as a martyr. They feel very often convoked to their work like preachers, doctors, nurses or teachers, and often prefer the ideas to real people.

22 is the master: people whose name is 22, unite in them the best qualities of all the other figures.

The sum of the number of vowels in your name results in your heart figure. It reveals your inner character. The sum of consonants is your personal number. It says, what effect you have on your environment.

Check it and try out what numbers you are! Your name/character number, heart figure and personal number!

It is not so good to reveal my real name in public, so simply telling you that I am a 9 (name), 7 (heart) and 11 (personal number).