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Dowsing with the Divining Rod

Construction, Material and Description how to hold and handle a Divining Rod in search for underground water

How to hold a divining rod
Construction of a divining-rod
To get the traditional divining-rod you cut a branch fork or have to connect two bent branches at one end together. The tradition showed that hazelnut and elm deliver the best wood for divining-rods. In any event, the branches should be fairly thin and flexible. That two sides should have a fork length of 30 cm and the connecting piece should be 5 cm long. At the end, everyone prefers his own format. There are also other materials in question, such as bamboo or metal.

How to hold a diving-rod
You hold the rod with the palms up, so you can stretch it between the thumb and the other fingers. The arms are stretched to the front, while the elbows cling fairly close to your body. The divining-rod is held horizontal to the ground with the top forward. It must rotate. The signals that we receive from the outset, can vary. You can adhere to the old dicing-rod traditions, which provide the three typical movements: 1.) The rod spins in an angle of 90 degrees above (positive response) 2.) The rod spins in an angle of 90 degrees below (negative response) 3.) The rod runs a half (180 degrees) or entire rotation (360 degrees). The intensity of the reception depends on the exercise and mental automatism, which leads to muscle contractions. This will cause the movement of the rod.

The search for underground water
The diving-rod is probably the oldest extrasensory instrument of mankind. Since the eldest days it is there to search for underground water sources and routes. An expansion is also possible in the field of minerals and ore deposits. In the search for water a methodical way is important. Firstly, you have to divide the area to be searched by imaginary lines and then you have to pace it off gradually. All the time you hold the rod as described earlier and have already set a signal, for example, a certain rotation. This only occurs when the psychomiletic is found above the corresponding water vein. For non-psychomiletic talented people is a rotary movement of the rod only the symptom of autosuggestion without paranormal significance. If the water vein or the underground source is localized, so the rules can be further refined:
1.) To learn the depth of the water source you la down that every full rotation of the rod corresponds to one depth gauge.
2.) In order to yield the source in cubic metres per second or to determine the water temperature, you can proceed with an analog way.