Eye Exercises For Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a situation where the eyes begin to lose the ability to focus on near objects. The main reason for the change is not clear, but studies indicate that it is caused by loss of muscle strength to control the lens of the eye. It is mostly seen in aging people than in younger ones, just as the body begins to succumb to age so does the vision. (Definition by National Eye Institute)

Symptoms of presbyopia include eyestrain, difficulty in focusing on the fine print and small objects, difficulty in seeing in dim lights and problem of focusing on near objects. Many people try to look for ways of correcting the problem this may range from corrective glasses, surgery, to diet among others. Some of the correcting eye exercises for presbyopia include
Warm ups

Before beginning any eye exercises for Presbyopia it is important to do some warm up exercises, warm ups helps in loosening the ocular muscles, improve the blood and oxygen content getting into the eyes to help improve your vision. Close your eyes and rotates them ten to fifteen times in an anticlockwise direction, and thereafter repeat the procedure in the reverse direction.

Distant Object Focusing

This exercises can be done by holding an object or material about six inches; this could be something small like the index finger. Focus on the object, as much as you can for a minute or two, thereafter change and focus on an object about six meters away but do not change the direction you are looking. Once you have finished focusing on the distant object, go back to focusing the near object for a minute or two again. Repeat the process 5-6 times.

Arm’s Length Focusing

This exercise is similar to distant focusing however here you have to extend your arm away from the body and put the thumb up. Focus on the thumb and bring it closer while maintaining focus, when it comes to a place where you are unable to focus take it back to the original position and repeat the eye exercises for presbyopia 5-6 times without shifting your focus away from the thumb.

Clock Face Exercise

Here you imagine you have a clock on your face, move your eyes from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock, and then from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock, repeat the exercise for 25 times. By completing the exercises as schedule and going for regular eye checkups, will help you get rid of presbyopia. It is also important to incorporate a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals especially beta-carotene. (See more from the University of Maryland Medical Center)