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Parallel Universes — Thoughts to Ponder

image If there is a version of each of us in different universes, what happens when a copy of ourselves dies?

A lot of research has been done over the last few years over parallel universes. Do alternative dimensions really exist? Are we living in a “universe” or a “multiverse”? Is it possible that the Confederacy won the Civil War in another universe or dimension?

Are Marilyn Monroe and Elvis still alive in an alternate reality? Could the “ghosts” or “spirits” that we see in this world actually be living, breathing people in another dimension? Are other dimensions getting close to ours when we see this phenomenon? Is it possible that there is a version of “you” and “me” both in another dimension? What happens when we die in that dimension?

These are only a few questions that we’d all like to know the answer too. Physicists have been studying dark matter, hyperspace, and the “string theory for some time now. Recent studies have led them to believe that there might just be more than just three dimensions. There may be more to time and space than originally thought. It appears that the universe may be one bubble floating around an infinite space with many other bubbles.

Whenever two or more bubbles “run into” each other, strange phenomenon can appear. This could also create a “big bang” that results in a new universe being formed! Will we even *know* when our universe crashes into another one? Will there be physical catastrophes or only subtle clues such as an increase in strange activity?

If there is a version of each of us in different universes, what happens when a copy of ourselves dies? Whenever we have dreams that we’re dying, could it mean that we really *are* dying, only in a parallel universe? And as we wake up, does that “copy” of ourselves join us in this world? It also begs the question, What happens when we die in THIS world?”Do we just go on living in another dimension or plane of existence, as if nothing ever happened? These are very strange questions, but they are nice to ponder about.

Even if there is a great multiverse out there, filled with an infinite amount of “bubble” dimensions, does any of it really matter? We don’t have any machines or equipment to allow us to visit other dimensions, and even if we did, how would we travel to them? Would it ever be possible to have real life star gates to take us from dimension to dimension? Or will such things always be out of our realm of possibilities? Perhaps someday we’ll have more answers, but for now, we only have our imaginations.

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