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The Legend of Morrow Road

image Many sightseers from across the country drive by to see what they can find

Located in Clay Township, Michigan, old Morrow Road is famous for a horrifying reason.


The story goes that a mother and child went missing from their home on this road sometime in the late 1800's. The little boy disappeared into thin air and shortly after, the mother also vanished. It is believed she died a terrifying death while searching for her son. Locals say the ghostly figure of a mother can still be seen wandering old Morrow Road to this day.

The rural road spans 2.5 miles and, until recently, was all dirt until half of it was paved over as citizens relocated to the area. In the last 200 years that this legend has survived, several different versions have come together to create one startling likeness between them. Each version differs only slightly:

- A kidnapper was involved, ripping the young boy from his mother's arms.

- A momentarily distracted mother makes the realization that her son has drowned and upon finding his lifeless body, she becomes distraught and takes her own life.

- A home invasion -- their old farm house was robbed and they were the only two victims.

- A fire, maybe an out-of-control bonfire took hold of the boy and claimed his life. The mother last saw him near the fire and came to this conclusion. She herself succumbing to the flames after making this terrible realization.

- A freezing, stormy night may have captured the boy as he wandered away from home. As the mother searches, she also succumbs to the blistering cold.

- A murderer on the loose takes hold of the boy, ending his life. The mother meets the same demise while searching for her lost son.

- The mother gives birth out of wedlock and due to the shame she felt (in the late 1800's), she abandons her child outdoors. However, her guilt overcomes her and when she returns to fetch her child, he is gone and her endless search begins.

As locals and tourists alike drive up and down the old rural road they have reported actually hearing the mother screaming out for help in the fruitless search for her child. Many of these people independently report the ghostly woman to be wearing the same blue nightgown. Orbs have been spotted floating in the woods nearby; many people believe this type of phenomenon to be the energy of a spirit.

One must wonder how this legend has survived generation after generation, all the while gaining so much popularity that it has captured the attention of people across the country. Something is acting to perpetuate the life of the legend and it doesn't seem to be slowing as time goes on. Could it be the repeated sightings or audible recognitions of a ghostly mother crying out in pain? How is it that complete strangers have recognized this woman always wearing and shouting the same things? Some may say it is coincidence or possibly bored teenagers on a Friday night; the thing to consider is the length of time this legend has continued to scare young and old alike. Over two centuries of torturing those who dare to take a drive on old Morrow Road, just to see what they can find.