Eye Exercises To Reduce Myopia

Myopia is a condition that many people experience in the course of their lifetime. The inability to focus on the objects far away is because of weakened vision, which is often a result of natural aging process of an individual’s body. This condition is usually rectified using a number of different methods including regular eye exercises. Exercising your eyes is even promoted by the Department of Energy in Hanford, which is offering a set of exercises right on their website. Even the scientific community is slowly catching on that they do work.

Bear in mind that your eyes are a muscle and all muscles need to be exercised regularly in order for them to stay in good condition. Your eyes can benefit a lot from doing some regular exercises. A great number of people do the following eye exercises (the best source available on the internet is www.purevisionmethod.com)

Eye-Finger Exercise

This is one of the many ways to reduce myopia. Stand in the middle of a room and keep your back straight. Face a picture on the wall, and hold your index finger a few inches away from your nose. Focus on your finger tip and make sure that your eyes are completely focused before you move to the next step.

Now, quickly move your vision to the picture on the wall. Initially, the image will appear distorted. Keep looking at the picture until your eyes have properly focused on the picture. As you get better at it, you can increase the distance between you are the image.

Focus Exercise

For this exercise, you will need to sit down and you will also need a pencil. Hold the pencil about 6inches away from the tip of your nose. Do not stare at the pencil, rather, quickly glance at it and then shift your vision to an object located on the opposite side of the room. Do this for a couple of seconds and then turn back to the pencil for a couple of seconds.

Repeat this process ten times and do it daily. As your vision start to improve, begin to focus on objects that are further away from you.

Room Scanning

Get a comfortable chair to sit on and ensure that you sit in a place with several objects to look at. This could be either in your garden or living room. Now, start at one side and slowly scan every single thing in that room. Look at every single object in details, making sure that you outline the whole object, after which to can move to the next object.

In order for this exercise to work, you will want to look at things in a slow and steady motion. This will allow you to focus on things that are both close and far away from you.

Benefits of Eye Exercises For Short-Sightedness

There are several different causes of this condition and if it’s caused by visual fatigue then eye exercises can be very beneficial. If the condition is either hereditary or genetic, then these exercises may be less effective. Nevertheless, it doesn’t automatically mean that eye exercises can’t reduce hereditary myopia. Here are some of the other benefits of these exercises:

· Reduce eyestrain

· Increase your eye function and help you focus better

· Reduce your eye sensitivity to light

· Strengthen your eyes

· Help with other aspects of vision for instance hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and depth perception among others.

If you stick to exercising your eyes, you should start noticing the benefits quite quickly. In case you want to further improve your vision, you can try doing more eye exercises. The exercises explained above can be done in the comfort of your own home and will really help improve your vision.