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The Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

image Only those who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle know for sure what happen

The Bermuda Triangle sometimes referred to as the Devils Triangle has been a mystery for centuries. It was once thought that traveling in the Bermuda Triangle was deadly because of the strange and mysterious things that happen.

Many ships have reported navigation equipment going haywire while some have reported having an eerie feeling. The Bermuda Triangle did not become well known until 1945 when the Navy Avenger bombers disappear. Then a rescue plane vanished when trying to find the missing five aircrafts. All together, there were twenty-seven men missing along with six planes. The story about the Bermuda Triangle and the missing five bombers was explained away by military personal. They said that the planes flew in the wrong direction because of bad equipment. They speculated that the planes flew deeper out into the Atlantic Ocean and eventually disappear from earth so to speak. They believe that they flew as far as the Puerto Rico Trench in the Bermuda Triangle, which is said to be at least thirty-thousand down below the surface. They then claimed that the search craft blew up shortly after take off. Although no wreckage in either disappearance has ever been found.

The stories that have come from the Bermuda Triangle may be explained for some instances, but not all mysterious happenings can be explained that easy. Is there really something mystical about the Devils Triangle or are these just stories being told. The truth is that no one has ever been found to explain what happened to them. They have vanished, never to be heard from again. Is it really just faulty equipment that causes navigation systems to malfunction when ships or aircrafts get near the Triangle? What really causes the navigation equipment to stop working or go haywire? Is there a mysterious force taking control of the ships and aircrafts?

If you ask the Navy, they will tell you that the commander in charge of the five bombers was hung over, the equipment malfunctioned, and he was fighting by landmarks. What caused the equipment to malfunction you might wonder. Why did they let him fly if he was hung-over? Why did the others follow if they thought he was going the wrong way? There are too many answers and not enough truth about the Bermuda Triangle. One can only believe that, yes, there is something strange happening in the Devils Triangle and no one has ever lived to tell the story. That alone tells a different story.

If the Navy feels that the planes flew into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean all those years ago, then why have they not used the newest technology we have today to go find those aircrafts and prove to everyone that there are no mystical powers in the Bermuda Triangle? Surely, someone could invent something that crawl the depths of the Bermuda Triangle to see what is down there or are they afraid of what might happen or what might not be found? Only those who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle know for sure what happen and they cannot tell us.