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Skinwalker Ranch

image Sightings of the "bullet-proof wolf" have also been reported

Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, has been the sight of many paranormal experiences

that have been reported by people who have both lived and visited this Utah based property. The name Skinwalker comes from local folklore, which is the tale of a supernatural creature who can take the shape of both a man and an animal. Some of the strange occurrences at this location include crop circles, glowing orbs, bigfoot-type creatures, poltergeist activity, and even UFO's. This ranch, located on the border of the Ute Indian Reservation in west Uintah County, has been popularly known as "UFO Ranch" due to the odd events that have reportedly taken place here for more than half a century.

Some of the disturbing things that have been said to occurred here are the mutilation and vanishing of cattle, animals that have piercing yellow eyes that don't seem to be harmed by guns, and unidentified orbs and flying objects. The most reported type of anomaly seen at the ranch is something described as "The Spotlight". This is a beam of light that reportedly hovers around 8 feet above the ground and is similar to a motorcycle headlight. It usually lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 minutes, and at times has been seen with a red tail light in the background. It sometimes beams right on a witness, and at other times seems to ignore them. It has also been reported to be interactive at times.

Another mystery of the ranch includes what is known as a "mini stealth". This appears to be a mini version of a stealth fighter, reported to be about six feet wide with a length of about eight feet. It has been reported by witnesses to fly around 500 feet overhead and usually is moving across the ranch from south to north. It is a black aircraft that can only be seen for about 5 to 10 seconds due to the high rate of speed it is traveling at.

Sightings of the "bullet-proof wolf" have also been reported not only by witnesses, but also two researchers who were working on the ranch as well. The researchers reported that the wolf actually manifested itself from another anomaly associated with the ranch, the "Flash Drones", which are pulsating, spherical balls of light that hover in silence. The wolf does not exude the personality of a normal wolf, as it is known to approach to within ten feet of the witness. It also is said to have yellow eyes and an abnormally long and bushy tail.

There are also reports about an "orange football". This approximately 15x10 orange glowing plasma ball is said to have the shape of a football with red tendrils around the edges. It usually hangs around for about 5 minutes and seems curious about those that have witnessed it. Several past investigators have also reported hearing the voice of a little girl around the ranch. The voice is reported to be so low that witnesses can not figure out if the girl is speaking English or some other language.

Other reported anomalies include the "Invisible Chopper", which can only be heard but not seen, and what are known as "The Controllers", which is the voice of two men speaking in an unknown language that is usually heard by witnesses after hearing the chopper fly over. There have also been reports of what is known as "The Portal", which is a very bright flash of light that is rumored to emit creatures and beings from other dimensions, as well as act as a portal for vehicles to pass through.