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Silbury Hill Crop Circles

image Silbury Hill Crop Circles Contain Mayan Themes

Crop circles first appeared in England several decades ago.

Experts believe that most of the crop circles that have appeared around England and other places in the world were simply attractive looking hoaxes that provided a bit of harmless fun at the time. 80 percent of crop circles can be conclusively proven to be man-made, but believers in the crop circle phenomena point out that 20% of the crop circles that appear worldwide cannot be explained as hoax.

A new type of crop circle has appeared as the year 2012 approaches. If these crop circles are messages of mysterious visitors, they may be reminding humanity that the end of the world is near. If they are made by human hands, it may simply be that someone is using Mayan symbols to continue the hoax. Compounding the issue was that the circle appeared close to one of the oldest man-made monuments in England.

The Mayan headdress symbol might be interesting, but it is probably not linked to the end of the Mayan Calendar or any Mayan prophecy at all. Crop circles have appeared in England long before the Mayan calendar craze started, and are more likely to be authentic than other forms of crop circles that appear elsewhere in the world.

Researchers have found little evidence that crop circles that appear near Neolithic sites are man-made formations. The Mayan crop circle formation that appeared in 2009 was the second Mayan-themed circle to use Mayan themes. The first Mayan influenced crop circle appeared in 2004.

The genuine crop circles require the plants to be bent without heated and cooled at the base without breaking. Investigators often find metallic shavings at the site as well. When a crop cycle is a hoax, this does not occur and the plants do not continue to grow after they have been bent.

There are as many theories on how crop circles get formed as there are experts on the patterns themselves. Some link the crop circles to UFO activity; other people point out that the formations are likely man-made formations that no one else has figured out how to duplicate.

Crop formation enthusiasts believe that the newest patterns may be to remind people that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. The sudden end of the calendar has caused many to believe that a cataclysm is approaching. The History channel ran a special with scientists who took a more measured approach. The galactic alignment predicted will occur on that date. Astronomers say that people who expect the world to end should prepare to be disappointed, because the galactic alignment occurs every year on December 21. If the world has ended on any previous alignment, no one has noticed it so far.

Crop circles will remain popular in the public imagination. Even if the most elaborate ones that appear near the Neolithic sites in England do not come from some out-of-this-world or long forgotten ancient visitor, people will still marvel at the shapes. Nevertheless, if a researcher ever traces crop circles to human activity, they will forever lose the sense of mysteriousness and wonder that people associate with them.