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Is Planet X Really on Its Way Here?

image The word itself is translated to “Planet of the crossing,”

The ancient Babylonians believed Nibiru to be associated with their god Marduk. Nibiru was believed to be a “celestial body” that is usually identified as Jupiter—although there are some who believe Nibiru to be the mysterious “Planet X.”

The word itself is translated to “Planet of the crossing,” and there are those who believe that it crossed here from another Solar System before finally stabilizing itself. It allegedly came here from beyond Pluto. Of course mainstream scientists dismiss such claims as “pseudoscience” and “woo,” but there are still those who believe in the legends of Nibiru.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, author of the book The Twelfth Planet, Nibiru’s orbit is “highly elliptical,” which causes it to go from beyond the orbit of Pluto to as near as the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. According to Sitchin, Nibiru completes one orbit cycle every 3,600 years, and it supposedly disrupts the asteroid belt and causes a lot of trouble. Whenever it comes close enough to Earth, it unleashes chaos in every sense of the word — volcano eruptions, tsunamis, vast flooding, hurricanes, pole shifting—you name it. There are many who believe Nibiru is once again heading this way.

So why can’t we see it? It’s theorized that Nibiru’s current position in space cannot be seen from us here on Earth. If the ancients truly believed in it, they must have been able to physically see it at some point. Unfortunately it would appear that by the time they saw it, it was close enough to bring destruction. Humans did exist and flourish 3,600 years ago, so we can only assume we’ll survive the catastrophe this time as well, right? But if Nibiru is truly as unstable as some believe, what if it comes closer to us this time or crashes into us completely!?

When it comes down to it, there really isn’t evidence of Nibiru or any such “rouge planet” existing at all. The ancient Sumerians did have cryptic writings about their god Marduk and his “collision” with Tiamet — which is said to have been their name for Earth, but what does that have to do with an invisible, rouge planet bringing along the apocalypse in current times? Isn’t there sufficient evidence that the ancients simply referred to Jupiter as Nibiru?

Whether you believe that there is sufficient evidence of Nibiru and that it’s heading this way or not, the myths and tales surrounding it are very intriguing. Even if there really is a Planet X that is heading this way, there isn’t anything we could do about it. While it’s nice to speculate and debate, in the end there’s nothing we could ever do to stop such a large object from heading this way. There are other large objects such as asteroids that are more likely to destroy us, but there’s no use worrying about any of it. While it’s perhaps scary to think that someday this world could be destroyed forever, it will happen sooner or later. Perhaps the end could come as soon as 2012, and if not that, then the death of the sun billions of years from now will surely do us in.