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Hallucinations Or Unexplained Mysterious People

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In 1935, Rudolf Lake in Kenya would appear to be a paradise with its quiet lake sounds and nothing is heard but birds, but what lurks on the Island of envaitenet may surprise you

The meaning of the name of the island stands for "no return." No one lives on the island anymore. The island is considered cursed and no one will venture near it. It all started back many years before 1935 when islanders stopped coming to the mainland to trade their goods. concerned as to why they were not coming to trade, two men took a boat ride to the island and what they saw scared them. 

They saw no people, nor movement of any kind. All they saw were burnt out fires with decaying fish by them. They quickly left the island never to return again. In fact, no one has ever stepped foot on the island until two members of the Vivian Fush expedition decided to explore the island in 1935. Bill Dayson and Martin Sheflis when to the island of no return. True to its name, the scientist never returned. After fifteen days, no one came back from the island. A rescue team was sent to the island in search of the two men.

Unfortunately, no one was found. There was no sign of the men even being on the island. A plane was called to survey the island from above and nothing was found except for birds. The locals then told Vivian about what had happened to the islanders that once lived on the island. They said that the people vanished and have never been seen again. 

Then there is the mysterious disappearing boy. He vanished in front of his family and returned to the same spot a couple of days later. Did they hallucinate his disappearance or is this another strange disappearance with a happy ending? Where did the boy go? why is it that he could not tell them anything? Is there a force that is more powerful than anything else we know? How is it that people see a person disappear and reappear? 

Who are these mysterious disappearing people and how did they vanish? One can only believe what they see, but what about seeing something so bizarre that you think you are losing your mind. Is there something taking people and keeping them for specimens. Because we hear about UFOs and unusual happenings, we have to believe that anything can be possible.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the people on the island and the two scientists may never be answered since anyone that goes to the island and stays, disappears and is never heard from again. How will we ever know what happens to people when they mysteriously disappear? We can only rely on years of research to answer these questions. Who as the answers if scientists do not even know what to think?

What would we find out if someone ever came back? Would we understand or would we choose not to believe?