3 Eye Exercises for Short-Sightedness

Short sightedness is also referred to as myopia and nearsightedness. It is a defection of the eye whereby a person cannot be able to see distant objects clearly. Shortsightedness is basically caused by a number of factors including misshaped eyeball, lens or even cornea. However, eye exercises for short sightedness are simple techniques that are meant to improve the eyes vision.

Carrying out a few eye exercises for shortsightedness may improve the condition of your eyes and their ability to focus on distant objects.

Below are three simple eye exercises for short sightedness.

Eye-finger exercise

Carrying out the eye-finger exercise can increase the eyes ability to see distant objects. You can start the exercise by standing in the middle of the room. Position yourself in such a way that your knees are slightly bents and the back in a straight manner.

You can the focus on a poster or a picture on the wall of the room. Hold the index finger of your right hand in an upward posture a few inches from the nose. Now focus your eyes on the fingertip. Make sure you can see the fingertip clearly before you shift your eyes towards the room’s wall.

If you notice that the image is clear, you can move away from the image until it appears fuzzy. Continue to do this until you can be able to see the image at a long distance. This will improve your eye’s vision.

This exercise is particularly improving your peripheral vision, which is becoming more and more important with the evolution of computer technology. The future of computer screens looks like this.

Pencil push ups

This is one of the eye exercises for short sightedness. This technique can improve the ability of your eyes by preventing them from feeling strained as a result of looking at distant objects. It’s also endorsed by the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Use a pencil by placing it slightly near your nose before it begins to appear double, now imagine that you have a tic-tac toe board in front of your eyes. Position the pencil so that it touches each imaginary square before you bring it back to the initial position.

You can performance this exercise at least once in a day.


This is also one of the eye exercises for short sightedness techniques. The focus techniques was first developed by an optometrist by the name Marc Grossman

The main aim of this technique is to improve the ability of the eyes to see distant objects. It is quite simple- sit in a better position, hold your right thumb 6 inches from the tip of the nose.

Gaze at the thumb quickly and the shift your eyes and look at an object on the opposite side. Look at the given object for 3 seconds and move your eyes back to the thumb.

The above simple eye exercises for short sightedness will surely improve your eyes vision for distant objects.