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The Unexplained Mysteries Of The Miracles Of Lourdes

image Doctors who are non-believers as well as believers have all tested the cures through examinations

The unsolved mystery of the miracles of Lourdes has been known for hundreds of years. The story starts when a fourteen-year-old girl saw the Virgin Mary appear to her eighteen times. The girl was given a message by the aspiration.

She was told to tell everyone to pray and do penance for the conversion of the world. The girl's story was investigated for four years before the church approved the devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. This is one of the most famous shines in the world. Thousands of cures have come forth when people visit the shine. Is this truly a location and shine that can magically cure people?

Doctors who are non-believers as well as believers have all tested the cures through examinations. A movie was even made about event. It is said that spiritual and moral cures are more powerful than physical cures. Many have said that they visited Lourdes with prejudices and have left with their souls and minds suddenly cleared. There are two incredible stories pertaining to the Lourdes that make you wonder about the power of the shine. The stories are unbelievable, but the one is told to be very true and authentic.

The first story is about Gabriel Gargam. He was a devoted Catholic and had promise of becoming a very intuitive student. At the age of fifteen, he lost his faith in God. Gabriel went to work at the post office. In 1899, a horrific train accident left Gabriel paralyzed from the waist down. He lay in a hospital bed unable to take care of himself and dropped his weight to a mere seventy-eight pounds. He was watched twenty-four hours a day. Gabriel was to live this way until his aunt insisted he go to Lourdes. Before the accident, Gabriel had not been to church for fifteen years.

Taking Gabriel to Lourdes required taking him on a train that caused loss of consciousness and almost canceled the trip. The trip was still made to Lourdes. Gabriel received Holy Communion and had confession with no change. He was then taken to the miracle pool and placed into the waters. Nothing happened. They thought he had died and were taking him back to the hotel with his faced covered when he suddenly sat up. He then announced in his strong voice that no one had heard for years that he wanted to get up.

Six doctors examined Gabriel and could not find out what had cured him. He was no longer paralyzed or within inches of death. He was walking around and healthy as the day he was born. He went on to help other invalids that came to Lourdes. He was cured and only God knew for sure how this happened. He had no faith, but still this miracle gave him back life. Was this a real miracle? Is it possible that there is a spiritual connection at the Lourdes? Stories would have one believe that anyone can be cured at the Lourdes.