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Men In Black Mysteries

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For most of the twentieth century, people have reported encounters with beings that have become known as the Men in Black.

Unlike the characters played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the hit movies of the same name, these Men in Black do not appear to be of human origins. Men in Black, also known as MIBs, are associated with encounters with UFOs. Some individuals who have claimed to have seen or had a very up close  experience with a UFO, or have claimed to have been abducted by  extraterrestrial beings, have reported having been visited sometime later by these Men in Black.  There have been various reports of MIB visits,  mostly in America, but occasionally in several countries of Europe, areas of Australia and a few countries in South Africa.

MIBs are most often reported as having been dressed in black suits with white shirts, black ties, black dress shoes that have odd thick soles, black fedora type hats and wearing dark sunglasses, even at night. These strangers are also always reported as having threatened the people they visit to discourage the individuals from telling anyone about their experiences. Their skin is extremely pale white and faces are expressionless with thin lips; although some of the earliest reports say these "men" had swarthy complexions. They seem to move as though they are unused to their bodies--movements reported as being a bit "robotic". 

It is widely accepted by many UFO researchers that one of the earliest cases of an MIB visit happened in September of 1953.  A fellow by the name of Albert Bender, who lived in Bridgeport Connecticut at the time, and was an avid UFO researcher, reportedly had figured out some of the origins of "flying saucers", and told his ideas to a close friend in a letter he sent to his fellow UFO researcher. In about a week, three "men" dressed all in black, showed up on his doorstep with his letter in their possession. They apparently had a 'little talk' with Mr. Bender, and he became quite ill. Mr. Bender never told anyone what was told to him by these mysterious visitors and promptly gave up doing anymore UFO research.

According to the reports of people who have said they have encountered them, Men in Black always have very detailed information on the person, or persons they contact, as if they have had the particular individual under surveillance for a long time.
Many people have reported that these MIBs appear to be rather confused by the usage of normal everyday items such as basic ink pens, forks, spoons, knives, or even appearing not to understand how to eat food. They also report that these strange visitors will use slang terms from different time periods, such as the 18th and 19th centuries. More recent accounts state that the MIBs claim to be from some sort of government agency that is collecting information on the strange or supernatural phenomenon the particular person has encountered.

In other accounts these Men in Black are trying to suppress information by either by trying to convince the person the experience never happened or even resorting to threats of extreme physical violence when other methods fail. They have been described as behaving in a very secretive and suspicious manner or as being overtly "friendly"-- with creepy, wide, toothy grins and often breaking into weird, inappropriate giggling fits.

Much more often than not, these Men in Black will claim to be from the US Airforce, or even the FBI or CIA. People who have encountered the MIBs say they will show some identification, but when the folks try to get verification of the credentials, the "agents" described often do not exist, have been dead for many years, or, if they do exist, they have a different rank and status in the afore mentioned organizations.

It has also been reported that these Men in Black often drive black vintage Buicks, Lincoln town cars, or Cadillacs.  When witnesses do manage to get the license plate number of these vehicles and report them, it always comes back as having never been issued or no such license number exists.

Who are these mysterious strangers?  Why are they among us? The mystery continues.