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What is a Mega-Tsunami

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A mega-tsunami is a frightening concept. Unfortunately, it is a real possibility, and a has even occurred a few times within the past 200,000 years.

They could also happen again in the future, and some experts even believe we’re currently sitting on a time-bomb.  A mega-tsunami is basically a tsunami that has a wave height of hundreds or even thousands of feet!

Normally, a tsunami that is generated at sea has only a small wave height of a foot or so above the normal sea surface while offshore.  They also have a long wavelength of many, many miles.  However, the height and length of the normal tsunami waves are usually unnoticeable until it gets close to land, whereupon the height increases drastically as the base of the tsunami pushes the water column on top of it upwards.

Mega-tsunamis, however, are defined as actually BEGINNING with high waves.  All accounts of mega-tsunamis in history originated extremely close to shore, or in narrow inlets or lakes where water had no other options for dispersal.  A number of things can cause a mega-tsunami, including giant landslides, islands collapsing, underwater earthquakes causing giant landslides, and asteroid impacts. 

No boat, building, or village could survive being hit by a mega-tsunami.  Some evidence points to at least eleven of them occurring in the last 200,000 years, some of which were caused by islands collapsing in the Canary and Hawaiian islands, as well as an earthquake in Alaska.

In fact, the largest tsunami recorded in recent history was in Lituya Bay, Alaska on July 9, 1958.  It was caused by an earthquake at the Fairweather Fault, which loosened about 30 million cubic meters (or 40 million cubic yards) of rock.  These rocks plunged down from an altitude of 3,000 feet down into the water.  Obviously, the impact generated a local mega-tsunami that crashed against the shoreline.

The wave, upon reaching shore, was an estimated 1,720 feet high! There were three fishing boats out on the water that day.  One boat was destroyed and those on board perished.  The other two boats rose up with the water; and those on board miraculously survived. 

Will a mega-tsunami happen in the future?  Some experts believe that there are a few places on earth, such as the Cumbre Veija Volcano (Canary Islands), might erupt, sending a giant mass of rock into the sea. Indeed, there are some who believe that this volcano (along with others throughout the world) is long overdue for an eruption. An immense tsunami will thus be unleashed, and will fan out all across the Atlantic Ocean at speeds of up to 500 MPH (800 KMPH)!  

The other Canary Islands and the Wes Saharan shore would be destroyed the most.  The Caribbean and Florida would be hit by waves of up to 50 meters (164 feet) waves.  Brazil, Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal would also be affected by high waves.  At its worst, this type of mega-tsunami would destroy everything in Boston, Miami, and New York.  Even skyscrapers would be swept away is if they weren’t there.

If something ever like this were to happen, there’s nothing anyone could do to stop it.  A huge asteroid could even crash into the sea, causing a mega-tsunami.  Time will tell if the “worst case scenario” ever happens.  Even if scientists are able to accurately predict when something is going to happen, will the nearby civilizations (millions of people) be able to evacuate before the mega-tsunami hits land?  What if the lands are spared and the devastation isn’t that bad?  Is that a risk the governments of the world and millions of people are going to take?