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The Knights Templar Curse and Friday the 13th

image After the crusades, they came back to France and England and worked as “bankers” of sorts. And then, for whatever reason(s), they were eventually accused of being heretics and executed.

The Knights Templar have always been surrounded by mystery. The only facts that we can gather about them were that they were Christian Knights who escorted pilgrams to the Holy Land and fought in the crusades.

It has been believed that the day the Pope and the King ordered them to be arrested was October 13th, 1307—a Friday. After their arrest, they were all brutally tortured and forced to “confess” such sins as: spitting on the Cross, worshipping “false gods”, worshipping the “devil”, homosexuality, and sodomy. Considering they were being tortured, they most likely just stated anything in order to for the torture to stop.

One by one they were killed, and seven years later, in the year 1314, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar himself, Jacques de Molay was finally executed. According to legend, his last words on Earth before burning to death consisted of a curse. He allegedly cried out to the Pope, Clement V, and King Philip IV, telling them that they both “will die themselves within a year.” They did. Pope Clement V died just one month later and King Philip IV met his fate seven months after that.

As for the real reason or reasons why the Knights Templar were executed, nobody knows for sure. It would appear that King Philip IV didn’t like them earning so much wealth and land from being bankers, and felt that their greed was getting out of control. It’s possible that he didn’t like all of the power and influence that they had obtained. He himself was even owed them money. Perhaps he put pressure on the Pope to accuse them of heresy. The Pope himself could have felt anger toward them for losing control of Jerusalem during the Crusades.

Of course there are some theories that the Knights Templar had a very important secret that they were trying to hide, and that there were much deeper conspiracies involved. It has been theorized that they perhaps found long lost, secret knowledge that would shake the foundations of Christianity. They were trying to protect and preserve the knowledge of this secret so that they Pope couldn’t have it destroyed.

Even after Grand Master Jacques de Moly burned at the stake, some believe that the Knights Templar continued to live on in secret. In Scotland, for instance, is believed by some that Robert the Bruce was a Knights Templar member, and that they existed in secret in other European countries as well. Some still believe that the Knights Templar live on today, and that they are still protecting some sort of secret knowledge and/or treasure.