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The Unsolved Mystery Of Jeannie Saffin

image Investigators looked at every angle and still had no answer as to why this woman burst into flames.

Jean Saffin sat at her kitchen table eating with her father when her body burst into flames. Was this a case of deliberate torching or is her father correct when he said that he saw a bright light out of the corner of his eye and looked to see his daughter on fire.

Spontaneous Human Combustion has been documented, but others have not seen it until Jennie's father witnessed this phenomenal sight.

In 1982, September 15th, Jennie and her father were seated for dinner at the kitchen table. Jennie Saffin was 61 years old when she suddenly burst into flames mainly around the hands and face. Her father rushed to help her and tried to extinguish the flames by dousing her with water from the kitchen sink. Jennie died at the hospital eight days later of severe burns to her body. Her father had severe burns on his hands from trying to help his daughter.

Investigators at the scene could not find any evidence to the contrary of what Jennie's father had said. The room did not have any signs of burning or charring. The only charring was on Jennie Saffin's body. Investigators were dumbfound and confused as to what happened to Jennie that cool day in London England. How was this possible that a woman sitting at her kitchen table suddenly burst into flames? Why did she remain calm as her father stated? Investigators needed answers.

Investigators looked at every angle and still had no answer as to why this woman burst into flames. Nothing around her was burnt. How was it possible for this woman to burn so severely and not leave behind any other signs of a fire? Investigators looked at the death scientifically and came away with more questions. Did Jennie Saffin drink alcoholic beverages? Did she have a poor diet that could have caused a chemical reaction in the body? Did she have flammable body fat? Was her 82-year-old father telling the truth?

Today the death of Jennie Saffin is still an unsolved mystery that leaves one to believe that she did indeed become a statistic of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Other people have been linked to this phenomenal occurrence as early as 1957 when Anne Martin aged 68, was found burnt so severely, no one could identify her. Anne was from Pennsylvania. Does age have something to do with this occurrence?

The fire did not touch newspapers found just a couple of feet from Anne's body. No evidence of a fire was seen anywhere in the house except on Anne's body. Investigators in this case were as mystified as everyone who has heard about this rare and unusual happening. Who or what is responsible for Anne and Jennie bursting into flames. Is there a higher source involved? Is this type of death beyond our control?

You be the judge. How is it possible that two people with nothing more in common than possibly a close age range and gender, just burst into flames and not burn anything else? Why did Anne Martin's shoes not burn? Investigators are stumped as to why Jennie and Anne are dead from fire.

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