Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight

Few people realize that there are eye exercises to improve eyesight naturally. This means that you do not have to undergo knife cut or use glasses to restore your vision to optimal working condition.

The eye is a muscle just like any other body muscle, it requires regular exercises and proper care for perfect functioning. Eye exercises and relaxation techniques have helped many people restore or improve their eyesight. Eye exercises help to cure problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Some of these exercises include


This is the most important thing to do immediately before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. You splash lukewarm water into the eyes or water at room temperature, this helps greatly in getting rid of any debris or foreign matter in the eye a main cause of blurry vision.


This is a popular work out (recognized by the Arizona State University as very important), it is an important relaxation technique for the eyes, whenever you feel tired or visibility is becoming an issue. Put the palms over the eyes and see the darkness as it helps in resetting the eyes to a better visual acuity.

Break taking

This is a simple and very effective to improve your vision. After every ten minutes of close up work on computer or papers have a ten second break and look at something 6 meters away. This gives your eyes break and from the close up and helps it to focus away. (Check out how resting and your ability to palm properly relate.)

Eye squeeze

In case you are, feeling tired and dried out, you can use squeeze your eyes. Close both eyes and squeeze them while shut for five to seven seconds. Repeat the procedure five times; use this exercise more often for better results.

Eye circles

When the eyes begin feeling rigid, you can use this exercise by slowly rotating the eyes in clockwise direction; thereafter repeat the procedure in anticlockwise direction. Repeat the process for seven times this will help in loosening the tight ocular vision muscles.

Eye massage

Therapeutic massage of the outside ridge of the vision sockets using the knuckles or fingers is a perfect way to relax you eyes. You can massage the eyes at your own time it helps in increasing blood flow to the eyes thereby improving vision and increasing more oxygen supply to the eyes.


This is not an eye exercises but it’s important in improving the muscles and blood supply to the eyes. A diet rich in vitamin A, B, and D is an important part of taking care of your eyesight.