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The Mysterious Gelatinous Blobs

image The U.S. Air Force denied any knowledge of the blobs.

A small community in Washington is used to having rain, but on August 7, 1994, they had more than rain. The community only has a population of 665 people and it seemed that everyone became ill after the gelatinous blobs hit the ground.

It was raining blobs of goo and every one seen it. Were all these people wrong with what they saw? Did they experience gem welfare? Where did this gelatin goo come from? Since everyone in the small community of Oakville became ill with severe flu like symptoms, one only imagine what was in the blobs that fell to earth that day.

Twenty square miles of blobs. The community started becoming sick and no one knew why. One resident explained that his entire family got sick. Then everyone started hearing that everyone was getting sick. The "flu" lasted anywhere from seven week up to three months. The people of Oakville had no idea what was causing the sickness nor did they know what the gelatin blobs were or where they came from other than the sky. News of the torrential rains of blobs soon spread around the country. A police office was the first one to report something strange about the rains.

His windshield was all gooey and the wipers were making it all worst. The officer pulled into a gas station to wash his windows and then saw what was raining down on their little community. The officer said it felt like he had jell-o or something like that in his hand. When the rains ended the next morning, one resident stepped out of her house to find these gelatin blobs everywhere. Some residents thought it might be left over hail, but that was not the case. What was the gooey substance that fell from the sky?

On the way to a hospital, one resident grabbed a sample of the blob because her mother had gotten sick shortly after going outside to see the blobs. The startling results of the tests on the blob is what shocked technicians. The blobs had white blood cells, human cells that is, but know one could identify the blob. The blob was sent to the State Department of Health in Washington for more testing. One technician found that the sample had two types of bacteria, one of which was known to be found in the human digestive system. What was this blob?

Six times over a three-week period, residents had blob rains. Animals died and people kept getting sick. Was this something that was dropped from a plane? Was the blob an animal nucleus cell as was thought by Microbiologist Time Davis of Amtest Labs? The Air Force denied any knowledge of the blobs. What do you think? Could it be a substance that was made by the military to use against other countries? Did they make it and need to test it on humans to see if it would work? The question stills remains, where did the blobs come from if the military denies knowledge