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The Donnie Decker Story

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Donnie Decker was named the Rain Boy in 1983. He was a visitor at his friends Jennie and Bob Keefer's house when he went into t a trance like state.

After that, the ceiling started dripping water and some sort of mist was apparent within the room. Because Jennie and Bob had no clue what was causing the dripping water, they called on the landlord who was dumbfounded by what he was seeing because there was no logical reason why this was happening.


Not knowing what to do or what was causing this problem, the friends called police. Police officers Wolpert and Baujan arrived and were also dumbfounded by what was happening. The officers in turn call their chief who arrived at the house and was anger by what was happening and ordered them to never speak of this again to anyone. He left the house and denied anything had happened in the house.


Don was at a restaurant with some other friends sitting at a table when rain started pouring down on their heads. The restaurant owner ordered Donnie out of the establishment and told Don that he was possessed and needed an exorcism.


Don later returned to Jennie and Bob's house with his restaurant friends where he was met with anger from his friends. They were blaming Don for the strange happenings when Don's body started levitating off the floor and then thrown across the kitchen were he lay unconscious. Officers were called again. The officers arrived at the house with another officer John Rundle. It was Rundle that wanted to see if Decker was demonized.


Rundle placed a bag over Don's head and put things in Don's hands while they were behind his back. He did this to see if there would be any reaction to each item, which included a crucifix. His hands suffered burns when the crucifix was placed in his hands. Don again levitated and was thrown across the room were he lay unconscious with what appeared to be claw marks about his neck.


Altogether, six people had seen what had happened when Don was in the room and they told the story to the public. Don was later jailed for some reason and in his cell, rain started pouring down. Inmates were angered over being in the same jail cell with Decker. It was then that Decker told the jailer on duty that he could control when it rained and where it would happen. Decker made it rain on the officer while he was at his desk. The officer was then afraid.


A pastor by the name of William Blackburn was called into help Decker. The pastor started reading scripture after the dripping started and a mist filed the air. A raunchy smell filled the cell and the pastor kept praying. Soon, it was over when Decker's countenance changed.


Unsolved Mysteries crew was sent to tape and interview the people involved. After finishing, they were shocked to find puddles of water on each of their hotel room's floors and no other guest but the crew had the water problem. No one new where the water came from nor did they want to know. Is it possible that a man can make it rain in one area and if so, what is processing him to do so.