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Unexplained Phenomena of Crop Circles

image The crop circle phenomenon became a very hot topic during the late 1980s

The term, crop circle, or circles, was coined by a paranormal researcher by the name of Colin Andrews to describe the strange circles and complex geometries

He had started researching that were showing up in fields of wheat, barley, rye, corn, soy beans and other crops. While many of these "circles" have been proven to be hoaxes, there are quite a few that defy rational explanation.

There are numerous theories that have been given to explain the crop circles of unknown origin, and these theories range from the id basic idea that all of these crop circles are purely man-made hoaxes to them being messages from extraterrestrial beings from other worlds. It is notable that when the crop circles have been made by human hands, the plants themselves are damaged. Stalks are broken, seed heads crushed, and the damaged plants die. In the cases where the the particular "circle" can not be explained away so easily, the plants have merely laid over and no damage has been done to the plants themselves. The plants in the stricken area continue to grow and ripen, none of the stalks are broken nor the seed heads crushed. Another odd anomaly to these particular types of crop circles is that the genetic structure of the plants themselves have been altered. This does not happen with the crop circles that have proven to be the work of pranksters.

One of the earliest known instance of crop circles appearing is image in a 17th-century English woodcut called the "Mowing-Devil". The wood cut has the classic devil-with-a-scythe image making, or cutting,  an oval design in a field of oats. The pamphlet containing the image says that the farmer saw an area of his crop looking as if it were on fire during the night, and in the morning an oval pattern had mysteriously appeared in the very same area of the field.

In 1966, in the small town of Tully, Queensland, Australia, one of the most famous accounts of a UFO, and the possible link to crop circles, happened. A farmer was working in the sugarcane field on his farm and swore that he saw a saucer-shaped craft fly 30 or 40 feet above a swamp and then fly away at extreme high speed.  The farmer decided to investigate the area where he thought the saucer had been hovering and he found the water reeds intricately woven going in a deosil,(clockwise), pattern. It is also reported that the woven reeds could support the weight of 10 fully grown men.

The crop circle phenomenon became a very hot topic during the late 1980s, after the newspapers and other news media started to report the appearance of crop circles in the towns of Hampshire and Wiltshire in Britain, and the appearance of crop circles were reported in Penrith, Australia and the state of Minnesota in America. No less than 12,000 genuine crop circles have been discovered all across the world. In countries like the former Soviet Union, the UK, Japan, and the U.S. and Canada, this strange phenomenon continues to appear and baffle anyone who observes it.

In a wheat field in Monroe County, Tennessee, a pattern ranging about 150 feet in diameter with the wheat crop laid down in widdershins, or counterclockwise, circles was  discovered on May 14, 2007.  Captain Bryan Graves, of the local sheriff's department discovered it while flying by on aerial patrol.

 One of the most fascinating aspects of the crop circle phenomenon is that while many of the pranksters and hoaxers have been caught red-handed, there are many who have witnessed in broad daylight the appearance of strange silver orbs hovering over a field and then literally disappear from sight.  A crop circle is always the result of these odd appearances.  The designs have gone from the simplistic circles to very complex forms  such as fractals, and even multi-dimensional forms and designs given in what are called the "sacred geometries".

Could it be that inter-dimensional, extraterrestrial beings are trying to communicate with humanity? If so, what is the message, or messages, they are trying to send? The mystery continues.