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The Unexplained Mysteries of Cattle Mutilations

image If their brutal murders aren’t strange enough, there is no evidence of anybody ever being there when it happens

The cattle mutilation mystery is gruesome, strange, and sad. Thousands of cattle have been found strangely mutilated in many places over the years, especially North America.

Not only are the poor cows mutilated, but all of their blood is found drained and their organs have been removed from their bodies. There have been many instances when their reproductive organs have been surgically removed.

If their brutal murders aren’t strange enough, there is no evidence of anybody ever being there when it happens! No footprints can be found anywhere near the dead cattle, and sometimes there is even evidence that the cattle could have been taken elsewhere and killed and then later brought back to the area they’re discovered. As with most strange, modern day anomalies, there are also UFO and Men in Black sightings that take place around those areas where the mutilated cows are found.

Of course when the phenomenon first began in 1973, the killings were blamed on “satanic cults.” Over the decades thousands of poor cows have been mutilated and many more theories have surfaced as to what could be the cause, ranging from strange government chemical testing to extraterrestrials. There has also been speculation that it could even be the work of vampires!

As with all strange, paranormal mysteries, there are skeptics. Skeptics believe that the cows probably died ordinary deaths and blame the strangeness surrounding the deaths on mass paranoia and delusion. Even if the cattle were, for instance, killed by other animals, why would all of their blood be gone? And why would other animals take the time to take out specific organs?

Unfortunately, we may never know the answers to these questions. The most likely theory for believers is that extraterrestrial could somehow be involved because of all UFO and black helicopter sightings around the times the mutilations take place. The only thing that we all know for certain though, is that 10,000 innocent cattle have been brutally mutilated for no logical reason(s) during the last 35 years.