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Barbury Castle Crop Circles


Since the 1970’s, strange things began appearing in farmer’s fields. They would awake to find crops had been laid down in vast unusual patterns.

The phenomenon was not confined to one area as it was occurring all over the world. Some believed the deed was done by pranksters (in fact some did admit to making some of the patterns), others believed the designs were left by aliens, and some attributed them to ghosts or other spiritual forces. Barbury Castle in England has been the site of some of these famous crop circles.

The patterns started as simple circles in the 70’s, became more pictorial in the 80’s, were complex geometrical displays in the 90’s and by the turn of the century the circles depicted what is thought by some to be binary number codes. Extensive research over the years proves that not all the anomalies are the work of vandals. Strange microwave, radiation and iron deposits have been found in the soil and plants within the shapes.

While scientists replicate these findings, they cannot explain for certainty what made them. The intricacy of many of the designs could not have been made without someone somewhere having seen what transpired, as it is estimated an army of people would need to be onsite for the massive detailed compositions.

In the last couple of years, individuals caught strange occurrences on still photographs and videos providing a clue. The evidence shows small spherical objects sweeping along the tops of crops in broad daylight. The path where the orbs travel would immediately lay down the crops. What these flying objects are no one knows but there is evidence of their existence. No one can say for sure that these balls are guilty for the all crop circles.

Many speculate the crop circle’s meanings. Most agree that there are mathematical inferences in the designs. The Barbury Castle tetrahedron pattern found in 1991 has a number of theorists interpreting possible definitions. Some believe the geometrical patterns correlate with Euclid’s mathematical theorems, which in turn correspond with Pythagoras’s musical theory. The theory uses a multiplication and division table that is the basis of scales used in Western music. However, it is not apparent that a definitive melody has been deciphered.

Others believe the circles are merely a signpost for the extraterrestrials. Speculations by some believe that the circles represent various forms of energy. The way in which the energy circulates demonstrates this is in fact a diagram for a spacecraft. Another group of people believe it is a symbol of Divine Order. Still another group interprets the design as a warning that a cataclysmic event will occur to balance the physical and spiritual worlds.

In 1997, two more designs appeared on the property. One was called the 6 Moons Formation and the other the Tree of Life. Theorists believe the dual swirling hexagons represent a cultic symbol while some believe the Tree of Life is an ancient geometric figure mentioned in the Kabballah and only known to rabbis.

Two more patterns emerged in 1999. Aerial views depict what appears to be a Menorrah complete with flames and the utensils used to tend the flames. The other design has two circled outer layers with three interlaced crescent shapes in the middle. Asian visitors claim this symbol is synonymous with what is known in their language as the woman/goddess. As recently as 2008, another image was carved into a Barbury field. This image is reminiscent of the one from 1991. The lone image of the ratchet circle first appeared as part of the now famous tetrahedron pattern. Some believe this circle by itself represents a path man must travel.