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Vampires in Past and Present - Part III: Reality

image Michelle Belanger

There are different types of vampires and is has to make the difference between real vampires, role playing vampires, fictional vampires, animals (bats), medical conditions or blood fetishists.

There are different types of vampires and is has to make the difference between real vampires, role playing vampires, fictional vampires, animals (bats), medical conditions or blood fetishists.


The fictional vampire exists thanks to Hollywood and before that thanks to the author Bram Stoker in 1897 (and many other authors after him). Nowadays modern films like “Underworld” and series like “Moonlight” or “Twilight” nourrish the survival of the fictional type. It is the one allergic to light, crosses, silver, holy water, churches etc.


The role playing vampires are people who are just acting and imitating the fictional vampire type because they have no idea about the real vampire type.


Blood fetishists just drink or consume blood to stimulate sexual feeling or other kind of feeling not because they need it to stay healthy.


Bats (animals) are usually active during the night and prey on little insects whose blood they consume to sustain their lives. They avoid day-light and use to sleep in caves, hollow trees or wood staples.


The most famous disease concerning medical condition is called the “vampire disease” or “porphyria” which has nothing to do with being a vampire or with causing vampirism. It is some genetic disorder and disturbance of pigments as well as an acute lack of iron. Victims are hypersensitive to daylight concerning their eyesight and as well part of the body exposed to the sun. The sun will cause burnings up to third degree. Day-blindness will get stronger by the years. Losing blood cause unspeakable pain and weakness. Today this illness can be cured on a medical basis and by avoiding strong sunlight.


The real vampires can be also split up into different types: Sanguinarian and Psychic Vampirism. Psychic or psionic vampires are as well devided into four subgroups: Empathic, Pranic, Elemental and Tantric Vampires.


Sanguinarians are the ones who actually drink blood. Blood is consumed because of the life force it contains. The word “sanguinarian” derives from Latin “sanguin” or French “sang” = Blood.


Empathic Vampires feed off of emotional energy, i.e. anger, rage, fear. The stronger and deeper the emotion the better.


Pranic Vampires consume life force or energy either from humans or from animals, plants, all kind of living beings.


Elemental Vampires feed from the energy provided by nature and the elements: Storms, tornados, rivers, the earth itself, waterfalls, thunder, rain etc.


Tantric Vampires get their prana from sexual energy produced by a partner or several partners durings sexual stimulation.


A vampire cannot be distinguished from a “normal” human. Vampires are human living, i.e. they are not immortal, except their souls. They are not allergic to silver and garlic. They have a reflection. They can go into a church or walk/step on holy ground. They do not explode in the sunlight. They have souls. They are neither undead nor have super strenght or extendable long fangs. They cannot change into bats and do not sleep in coffins.

But they have children, family, work, sleep during the night in beds and are even Christians or in some form religious. What really differenciates a vampire from a human are the heightened senses and the need of “additional food”. This kind of “extra food” depends on what category the vampire belongs to (see above). This extra need arises because the bodies of the vampires do not produce enough energy to sustain them or they have a leak in their auras or any other of the many theories. The food is necessary to stay so-called healthy. It is not important to sustain a life of a vampire but without it, he/she can get intolerable, weak, have outbreaks of sweat, insomnia or restlessness. Just to name some of the symptoms that can arise because of unproper feeding.


As a blood feeder you should always been yourself clean and insist on blood tests even if the donor seems to be trustworthy, because vampires are not immun against HIV!


A vampire is neither a killer nor an evil spirit. They have a great respect for life and for willing donors of blood or energy. Vampires adhere to a codex that applies to all kinds of vampires: the Black Veil. It derives from the Psychic Vampire Codex developped by Michelle Belanger and Father Sebastian Todd and was later the basis for the adapted Black Veil.

Vampirism has (in the viewpoint of the article author because there are many other theories) a genetic reason. It is similar to Mendelsohn’s hereditary theory. A vampire/vampire couple produces a 100% vampire. A human/human couple a 100% human. The offspring of a vampire/human couple would be a carrier of vampire DNA who can be awakened either by him/herself or with the help of others. The mix of vampire/carrier results in a carrier who is able to awake him/herself. Last possibility is the carrier/carrier couple who can be awakend by others or by him/herself.


The last chapter is a short one about psychic vampirism: When it comes to psychic vampirism there are mostly some prominent articles like “How to protect against psychic vampirism”. Having a closer look at those articles, it can be stated that they are written by people that have no experience with and/or have no idea of what a psychic vampire really does or is. The only competent person that reported on that topic is Michelle Belanger, herself being a psychic vampire and occultist, and as a concerned has written a true balance about the ones concerned. Mostly those articles are used to maledict vampires. To protect against psychic vampirism is to learn meditation, but the first thing a psychic vampire learns during the awakening or even before is how to correct meditate. In the point of view of this article’s author this is a contradiction or neutralization whatsoever. Every coin has its two sides. So you can help and heal but also harm and hurt. There is the ying/yang principle or good/bad that is in everyone. You can give energy as well as you can take energy. Feed only from willing donors and only so much as you really need or meet on astral plan and feed from each others. Well the second thing a psy is learning after meditation of all kind is Out Of Body Experience in all forms like astral travelling, astral projection and remote viewing. After all is to work out chanelling the own energy to lead it through your hands to let it free or to pick it up and then how to integrate it into the own flux after absorbtion, i.e. balancing the “strange” energy. It is not scaring sleeping people and sucking their energy till unconsciousness or whatever bad rumours are spread around.