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God, The Biggest Unsolved Mystery

image Painting of the hand of God giving life to Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling

God is without a doubt the most talked about unsolved mystery. Many accept what they have been told throughout the years and some have questions that no one seems to be able to answer.

How does anyone know for sure that there is a God? Who is to say for sure he did the writings of the bible? In translating the writings on the slabs, how do you know the words were deciphered correctly? Who created the language? How was the language taught to those who deciphered the writings? It is easier to believe in God and his writings than it is to question the velocity of the writings.


One has to wonder about the different versions of the bible. If God wrote the bible then why are there different versions of the bible? Which version of the bible is correct? Which one did God intend his children to live by? Why do some publishers omit certain verses from the bible and still call it the bible? These questions are controversial. No one ever questions the different bibles because they are the written word. Whose written words are they if there is more than one bible? Do these bible versions different that much or are they worded differently?


There are people that believe in God and then there are some that do not. There are people that think there is a God and then there are people that have questions. The unsolved mystery comes from the questions that are asked about God and the bible. If we believe what we are told, God created Adam and then Eve from Adam's rib. Is this all God created? Where did everything else come from? Where did the animals, foods, plants come from and where did the rest of the people come from?


If God only created Adam and Eve, then Adam and Eve had children. Their children would have had to have children with each other to make more children. These children would have to have children to make other children. Where does the separate DNA come in to play? If this is true, then how is it we are all become separate. Why are there different nationalities? Why are people different colors? How did this happen, if we were all created from the same family? The bible talks about incest. How can we be today if the bible says we should not commit incest?


The unsolved mystery of God will never be solved, but we can still ponder some questions and wonder just how we all became separate and why we are all different. We can wonder about heaven and hell, but we will never know for sure if there is a heaven where God is waiting for us. Even people that believe in God can wonder and still believe. The world is full of mystery and God is the biggest mystery of all. We may never have the answers to the questions about God and the bible, but we will always have something to wonder about and think, what if?