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A Guide to Strengthen Intuition

image Self hypnosis or autogenic exercises have been used by many cultures to cure the human body and mind.

Intuition is defined as a feeling or thought of something that has yet to happen. This “gut feeling”, in intuitive persons, is often translated to reality at some point following the premonition.

With two distinct genres of intuition attracting heavy debate among scientists, clairvoyance and clear sensing are talents thought to be among the many talents humans can control and strengthen.

Clairvoyance, or seeing events happening somewhere outside of you relative world, is one of the most controversial of all forms of intuition. claim, heartedly, that they can predict events that are going to happen without ever seeing those involved or persons associated with the events. Due to the negative stigma surrounding clairvoyance, many who experience these feelings, never tell a soul.

Clear sensing, on the other hand, is the most common form of intuition. Having a “gut feeling” or a “hunch” that something is about to happen is at the heart of clear sensing. For those who are truly adept to intuition, these “hunches” often come true.

Intuition, for as long as the term has been used, has fallen into the subculture of witches and evil spirits. Those who voice their premonitions, are often viewed as outsiders by normal society. Thanks to advances in both the scientific study of intuition and self strengthening exercises, witchcraft and evil are not longer synonymous with precognition.

Strengthening your predisposition to intuition is a simple as moving closer to your inner self and eradicating the mind of negative thoughts and feelings regarding your gift. Exercises involving hypnosis, meditation, positive thought and self belief are at the heart of building upon the gift of intuition.

Self hypnosis or autogenic exercises have been used by many cultures to cure the human body and mind. These exercises involve deep breathing, focus and inner thought. During the self hypnosis process, the intuitive person can move deeper into the mind by blocking out extrasensory thoughts, sounds and movements. It is through this process that the intuitive person will be able to more clearly see the premonition.

Meditation is similar to self hypnosis in the fact that thought processes are controlled for the better of the being. Many people who experience a clairvoyant thought, are never able to hear the thought amongst outer world and inner mind disturbances. Meditation removes all cluttered extrasensory baggage and opens the mind to the inner most thoughts and feelings. It is at this time that precognitive thoughts and premonitions are most apt to appear.

Even with self hypnosis and meditation, if the clairvoyant or clear senser does not think in a positive manner about their gift, the premonitions will never fully appear. Clouded by negativity, the mind needs inner peace and acceptance in order to function properly with an intuitive gift.

Along the same lines as positive thinking is self belief. Again, is the clairvoyant or clear senser does not believe in the gift of pre-sight, the pre-thoughts will never be able to fully be understood. The “hunch” will remain at the back of the mind and the future thought will never truly be visible.

Intuition is becoming far more than a series of “gut feelings”. When practiced and exercised into optimal strength, the human clairvoyant mind may just be able to see the future.