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Theories About Shadow People

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The shadow people mystery has been a hot paranormal topic for awhile now. There are many theories as to what exactly shadow people may be.

Shadow people are strange, shadowy “beings” that sometimes appear to us. These beings are shaped like humans, but they have no real body. They are merely dark shadows lurking in various places. They are simply dark silhouettes that are shaped like humans, but they’re obviously not human at all. If you’ve ever noticed a strange shadow that seemed out of place, it’s possible you were witnessing a shadow person. Whenever a living person sees a glimpse of a shadow person, it will usually disappear. Shadow people don’t usually stick around for very long.

But why are shadow people here in the first place? Do they want anything? Where do they come from? There are just as many theories as there are questions. While for the most part they don’t appear “threatening”, some witnesses feel a sense of foreboding when one is around. Perhaps it’s simply because those people have a subconscious fear of the darkness, and are overreacting to something they don’t understand. Or perhaps shadow people can represent something sinister, something that truly should be feared. Could it be that shadow people are evil spirits of some sort, and are here to cause trouble?

While that is a tempting thought, there really isn’t much evidence of anyone coming to harm after coming across one. If they truly do wish to cause mischief, they apparently only do it in subtle ways. Or perhaps they aren’t evil at all; perhaps they’re simply spirits or ghosts that, for whatever reason, haven’t moved on to the next world.

Another theory suggests that shadow people are time travelers or visitors from another world/universe. Do they come here to check on us for some reason? Are they simply curious about us? They apparently do spend a lot of time here. Why? Maybe they’re not even here at all. Is it possible that they’re simply “people” that live on another plane of existence? Could we be getting a glimpse into that parallel dimension? Perhaps we also appear as shadow people to them.

Whoever shadow people are, and wherever their origins are, we’ll most likely never know. We can have our ideas and theories, but we’ll never have all the answers. If you’ve ever witnessed a shadow person before, you can only use your imagination as to what it was and why you saw it. Unless shadow people actually take the time to “talk” to us, their mystery will always remain unexplained.

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