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Poltergeists and pk energy

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Written reports of poltergeist activity go as far back as ancient Rome, medieval China and Germany, but one can well imagine that such things have probably been going on since humans arrived on the planet.

A Poltergeist, from the Germany words Polter, meaning noisy, and Geist, which is ghost, is used to refer to a malevolent spirit or a form of energy which generally manifests as strange noises, knocking, disappearing objects or objects flying across a room, door opening and closing by themselves, and strange, or foul, unexplainable odors. 

The ancient written reports tell of dirt being thrown by something unseen, objects hurtling across a room all by themselves, loud noises, unexplained lights and horrible stenches, as well as ghostly apparitions. All of these reports from ancient times sound nearly identical to modern reports of poltergeist activity. 

Study after on-going study has been done to try and seek out the cause of this phenomenon.  The phenomenon seems to be linked to a type of subconscious psychokinesis (PK), and generally such activity seems to center around a specific person, also called an 'agent', and seems to usually be focused around a pre-pubescent or pubescent girl. Sometimes, such activity only lasts a short period of time; while in other cases it may go on for years.

Some scientists believe that poltergeist/PK activity may stem from emotional problems associated with anxiety, anger, over-stress, or mental disorders such as obsessions, phobias and schizophrenia. In many cases when the particular person/agent got treatment for their emotional or mental issues the poltergeist activity disappeared completely.

However, not all poltergeist cases are associated with a person. In these cases the entity seems to be separate from any influence other than it's own.  Many experts on the paranormal/supernatural world believe these cases are the result of demonic activity, or some other sort of non-human spirit entity. In these types of poltergeist activity such entities can become violent and actually physically attack anyone around it causing injury, or even in some cases, death.

If you believe that you, or you and your family, are experiencing poltergeist activity then get help. You should be able to go online and find a priest or even a para normal research group that specializes in such things. Taking care of this type a problem before it gets too out of hand can help reduce the risk of the situation turning violent and prevent anyone from being hurt.

If ANYONE tries to charge you money for getting rid of something like this then look elsewhere for help. More than likely such persons are of no real use and are just trying to scam people out of their money.

Do not try to get rid of a poltergeist by leaving or running from your home, as this rarely works. Most people find that the poltergeist merely follows them and continues to make life even more difficult.

In some cases, these types of spirits are linked to an object. If think this may be the case, then get rid of that particular object either by returning it to where you found it, or by simply just getting out of your house and on it's way to the local landfill.