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Phantom Phone Calls

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Is it possible for those who have passed from this mortal coil to make contact from the spirit world through electronic media? Can a loved one make contact through the humble telephone to say one last good-bye or even give warning of impending disaster?

As odd as it may seem, this phenomenon is not an unusual one and occurs quite frequently, usually with in the first 24 to 48 hours after someone has died. However, many people have reported getting phone calls from deceased loved ones years after they have passed on.  These calls are nearly always filled with heavy static and the caller's voice sounds faint, as if it is coming from a great distance.

Countless people have reported receiving telephone calls that seem to have come from a deceased relative or friend. These strange calls usually happen not more than once or twice and are nearly always brief messages.
For some, these phone calls can be frightening, but for others they are a source of comfort and help grieving loved ones move on with their lives.

Often when a person receives such a phone call he or she may not realize, at first, that the person that they are talking to is someone who has passed on from this world and thinks that he or she is talking to corporeal person.

Man people have reported receiving phone calls from a person that they never knew directly in life, but receive an urgent message to relay to another person he or she and the deceased both know/knew. These types of phantom phone calls are more rare. Often, the recipients of such calls say that the voice sounds odd, almost mechanical or unreal in some way.

In most of these phantom phone call cases, people reported that the ring
sounded different than it usually did. The tone would be different and the rings would come in shorter than usual bursts.  Considering that paranormal investigators use all sorts of electronic equipment to detect spirit activity due to the fact that spirits do indeed seem to be able to communicate through electronic means; then it is not at all far fetched to think that the spirits of departed friends or loved ones could conceivable use the telephone as a medium to make contact between this world and theirs.

If this is indeed the case, then it is quite possible that one day we may find a way to develop such a device that is specifically designed to be able to allow direct interaction with the spirit world using the basic telephone technologies and developing them to a whole new level.  Not only would this enable people to talk to their loved ones, but it would invariable prove that we continue to live on even after physical death. Perhaps we could gain new insights as to what happens after we die and remove the fear and uncertainty from this seemingly inevitable process. 

Until such a time comes, the mystery of these phantom phone calls will continue to be just that, a mystery.