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The Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe

image People reporting sightings of his ghost appearing at his grave site.

Edgar Allan Poe's life is marked by tragedy and suffering, his death marked by an equal amount of confusion. Regarded as simply 'a mediocre poet' during the 1800s, Poe grew up orphaned, living with the Allan family until he attended college in 1826. He only stayed for a year before leaving for the army because of severe gambling debts.

His life from there is marked with tragedy, marrying his 13-year-old cousin Virginia in 1835, losing her to sickness in 1847. He never held a steady job, fired from numerous jobs mostly due to a severe drinking addiction. Although he could never hold a job, editors held him in high regard with his ingenious poetry and short stories, including The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart. Nevertheless, his drinking and depression took hold of his life. He died two years after his wife, passed out in a street in Baltimore. He died hours later in the hospital, crying manically about someone called Reynolds. Although he was dead physically, his spirit lived on in his residences and final resting place.

Edgar Allan Poe's Hauntings at His GraveDecades after his untimely death, people began reporting sightings of his ghost appearing at his grave site. On his birthday, January 19, people say they have seen a man shrewdly covered in black, walking towards the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. His face is unrecognizable because of the black scarf that disguises his face from view. Nevertheless, the black-coated man walks towards Edgar Allan Poe's on his birthday, leaving a bottle of cognac and three roses. The black-coated man then disappears in the night, slowly meandering through the graveyard with a walking stick. People speculate that this is the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe, honoring himself with the ceremonial bottle of cognac and three roses. People are discouraged from approaching the ghost and not to disturb the spirit.

In 1990, the curator of the Edgar Allan Poe house, Jeff Jerome, permitted photographers to shoot Poe's grave site on his birthday for any evidence of this mystery ghost. Sure enough, the ghost walked towards his grave, kneeling down. In the picture the ghost is clearly seen with his trademark black clothing and black fedora, scarf covering his face. The ghost then disappeared into the night.

Hauntings in Edgar Allan Poe's House His grave isn't the only place that is haunted by ghosts. During his marriage to Virginia Clemm, they lived in a small, understated house on North Amity Street, located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is believed this house is haunted as well. People have reported seeing a gray-haired woman wearing early-1800s clothing, reportedly overweight. Some people believe this in the ghost of Poe's aunt, Maria Clemm. People have also reported feeling 'cold spots' (things mostly associated with the presence of ghosts), hearing voices, and seeing windows and door open without help from outside sources. No explanation is offered for this incidences.

Is Poe's spirit alive where he once dwelled? It might his tortured spirit, seeking redemption from beyond the grave. Others say it's mere fantasy, just like Poe's stories. Although no one will know the true origins of these incidences, Poe will continue to live on through his stories and poetry.

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