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Do Ghosts Only Haunt Houses?

image Many reports of haunted planes and ships have been reported.

It's believed that ghosts only haunt houses and cemeteries, but that wasn't the case in South Korea. In 2005, an unnamed woman boarded a flight from Sydney, Australia to Incheon, South Korea.

It seems that she chose this airplane for her final resting place. After the flight took off, she quickly excused herself to a small bathroom stall in back of the airplane. It was there that she attached a rope to the bathroom ceiling, fastening it around her neck. She jumped. When airplane attendants noticed she hadn't left the bathroom, they opened it to find her dangling from the ceiling, rope taut around her limp neck. She had hung herself in this bathroom, seemingly losing the battle with her depression. To avoid any commotion, they quietly removed her lifeless body, storing it in a secure place. They quietly removed her body at the end of the flight. They thought this would be the last of their worries, but that wasn't the case.

The Dead Housewife Begins to Haunt

a couple of months after her death, the dead housewife returned from her grave. Flight attendants reported odd sightings in the airplane. Some attendants refused to fly on the plane, ordering to be switched to another plane. These are some of those sightings first reported by them:

After a long shift, one flight attendant went to his bunker to sleep. After a restful sleep, he started to feel cold. He felt someone lay a blanket over his body. Startled, he awoke. A mysterious voice told him to go back to sleep, and he did – but not before looking around for the mysterious voice. He then saw a disambiguated hand sticking out from the wall. He never went back to sleep.

A smoke detector went off in one of the airplane bathrooms. When personnel opened the door, they found nothing except for an empty stall. Upon inspection, the smoke detector was working perfectly fine. It was then that they realized that it was the stall where the housewife had hung herself. Housewife haunting or malfunctioning smoke detector? They believe it's the housewife.

On the same airplane, an airplane attendant and a monk were alone in one section of the airplane. The monk began chanting to himself. When the flight attendant asked why, the monk looked up. He said that he saw dead people in all of the unoccupied seats. The work of the housewife? The monk denies fabrication of this story to this day.

Do Ghosts Only Haunt Houses?

Do ghosts really only haunt houses and cemeteries? According to the flight attendants on board this mystery airplane, not necessarily so. Some of them have switched airplanes just to avoid seeing this mystery housewife. Airplane officials laugh at their tales, calling it the work of their imagination. For the flight attendants, however, this is no work of the imagination.

Is this the work of the housewife or their imagination? It's up to you to be the judge of it.