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Black Eyed Kids - Unexplained Mystery/Urban Legend

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The mystery of the black-eyed kids started growing strong back in 1998 when a journalist, Brain Bethel, reported an incident he had with two black-eyed kids. They were young, not teenagers, but a bit younger.

The story starts with Bethel sitting in a parking lot when the two male children approached his car and asked for a ride. He claimed that they were dress in style and were normal looking accept for the eyes. He became overwhelmed with a feeling of danger. The boys had needed a ride home. He said that the two boys were insistent and annoyed when he would not let them into the car.

Bethel stated that the two boys became annoyed and repeatedly asked for ride home to get movie money. Bethel stated that he felt something come over him and he wanted to open the door. However, once he looked at their eyes, they were black with no irises or pupils and he felt paralyzed with fear. Bethel said he was somehow able to get over his fear long enough to leave the parking lot and the two boys behind.

This not the only story told about black-eyed children. Many people have reported that a black-eyed kid has appeared at their doors asking to be let in because of one reason or another. The male is said to be about twelve to seventeen. People have reported a fear that comes over them when the boy talks to them. The eyes are black with no irises or pupils, but the boy is dressed according to the style for that year. Is this an unexplained mystery or an urban legend?

People have tried to rationalize these cases and reports by saying they boy could be wearing black contact lenses or that people have an over active imagination. Unfortunately, the people that have told the story are so passionate about their fear that one has to wonder if it can be true. Do black-eyed kids exist and if so, what or who are they?

Although people have rational explanations, there are also the facts that cannot be ignored. People sense a fear when they are in the company of the black-eyed kids. Many people have said that the eyes could have something to do with how they feel as well as the overwhelming feeling to do as the boy asks. Could the eyes be used to post a hypnotic suggestion? It is possible, but people do overcome the feeling to allow them into their homes or like Bethel, into his car.

We know they cannot be an evil spirit because they would not just give up when some refuses them entry into their homes. However, no one has ever let them in or have they? Maybe they are not here to tell the story about what happens if you let the black-eyed kids into your home.

The story about black-eyed kids might not be very much of an urban legend, but a true unexplained mystery. If you have ever heard the story about the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, Arizona, you would have to wonder if black-eyed kids do exist and just what can they do to you. The story is about a picture in a hotel room, of a black-eyed girl. Guests who have stayed in the room have reportedly checked out of the hotel because they felt the black eyes following them. They were frightened and needed to get out of the hotel.

This was not a personal sighting, but it was a picture of a girl with black eyes. If no one has put the two things together, how can one say for sure that there are no black-eyed kids? If you think about the picture in this hotel room and guests seeing the black eyes following them, how can anyone explain this happening? The only way to explain this is by agreeing that there may be black-eyed kids living amongst us and we do not even know who they are or where they are. Before any one can say if the black eyed kids are a urban legend or an unexplained mystery, more information is going to be needed. It might be wise for someone to study other paranormal happenings to see if any other kids, alive or otherwise have had black eyes.