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Phoenix from the Ashes

A mystical bird effecting several cultures as symbol of immortality and resurrection.

Phoenix birdPhoenix, in my opinion, can be a lot. First of all, in ancient times he was used as a sign or omen in many cultures and countries, e.g. Greece, Egypt, Ancient Rome, China, Theban, the Hebrews, Mexico, the Orient and as well in Christianity. For some of them the Phoenix even was a god.

The Phoenix is a symbol of immortality and of resurrection. The origin of its name comes from a Greek word which refers to the coulour of fire: red. According to legend, the Phoenix died and resuscitated in the purifying fire.

According to the belief of different countries the Phoenix shows the appearance of different birds. In Greek and Egpytian mythology it was a heron. In Christianity it was a pelican. In China it had similarity with the peacock. In the Orient it symbolized the mythological bird "Simorgh", in Mexico the "Quetzal" and in Hebrew tradition the bird "Milcham".
In Ancient Rome it was just a multi-couloured bird with mighty feathers, and there it symbolized the vital energy.

After the Phoenix has lived for hundreds of years and when thousand years had passed, a fire starts in its nest and burns everything entirely. It only remains an egg that transforms into a chick. The bird continues to live. It renews its feathers and flies for the first time. He has never been prey to the death.

In general, the fire is an element that is associated with the vital energy, the heart, spiritual enlightenment, creation and the sun. The Phoenix has nearly the same associations. In some sacrificing rituals the fire is used because of its purification factor. Because it represents the power of the spirit and the light, the fire becomes the main sign of enlightenment which is looked for by mystics and yogis.