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The 13 Crystal Skulls' Connection with Armageddon

image Is it true? Do these skulls symbolize the end of the world?

Mayans are revered as an incredibly intelligent people. They predicted their demise, and they also predicted the demise of our world -- 2012. Although no one knows that as fact, they accurately predicted many things in their time.

One thing they prophesied was the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls. The legend goes as so: skulls gathered in a tight circle, mysteriously scattered about the earth for thousands of years. One day these skulls will reunite at the Ark -- the circle, the center of the earth. Once they realign, they will trigger a worldwide rise of consciousness. Earth shall be transformed anew.

This sounds eerily familiar to the Age of Aquarius, a period when a new form of consciousness is reborn from the ashes. It's thought this rejuvenation will occur on December 12, 2012. The coincidences don't end here. It's also eerily similar to an event prophesied in the Bible. That event is Armageddon.

Is it true? Do these skulls symbolize the end of the world?

Beware. The prophecies of the Mayans never faltered. They even predicted the demise of their own people.

Similarities Between Armageddon and the Crystal Skulls
There are striking similarities between the Biblical Armageddon and the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls.

1. Israel originally had 13 ancient tribes. In the legend, 13 skulls exist in the world.

2. Just like the skulls, Israel's tribes are scattered also.

3. Just like the skulls also, Israel's tribes will gather when the world ends. A true prophetic vision.

4. When the tribes gather, a new consciousness forms. Just like the crystal skulls. Perhaps the crystal skulls are symbolic of the deceased ancestors of these tribes?

5. The ark is the 13th skull. It's unlike the other skulls. It is the leader. Conversely, the 13th tribe is unlike the other tribes. It is the leader.

These skulls could symbolize the 13 tribes of Israel. In the legend, Mayans talk of an 'ark', the stronghold for all skulls. This ark could symbolize Israel.

If these magical crystal skulls meet in the center of the earth -- Israel, in this case -- then a new wave of consciousness would sweep over the earth. The earth is reborn. The earth is renewed. This doesn't match up with the biblical Armageddon, however. Armageddon is the coming of God's son, Jesus. Armageddon is the battle between good and evil, and good wins. Unfortunately, life is eradicated and life is wiped out. Christians rise to heaven; sinners fall towards Hell.

At least that was the story.

Think about it. Is Armageddon the violent end of the world, or is it the rebirth?

How Did Mayans Know About This?
Knowing about an event a whole continent away is no small feat. How did the Mayans predict this?

The Mayans are an ancient race. They figured out everything, using astronomy to tell their tales. It was their form of astrology.

Scientists have proposed one solution to this. The Mayans are one of the ancient races from Israel. The crystal skulls are those tribes. They are part of those tribes. In the bible, the tribes spread across the earth, creating the population that we know today.

Will the crystal skulls gather in 2012 to equal our demise? Only time will tell

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