Eye Exercises – 4 Steps To Better Eyesight

There are several amazing benefits that can be easily gained through eye exercises. Without a doubt eyes are one of the most significant parts of the human body, but still people take them for granted.

As of today, many people are suffering from eye problems like glaucoma, color blindness (a growing problem in kids), cataracts, astigmatism, conjunctivitis or myopia (the single most common type of eye disease, according to Duke Center for Human Genetics). Doctors and patients both agree that proper eye exercises can be helpful in relieving stress and eye strain. Therefore, it is important that you take out time to work your eyes so that your eye muscles become useful and strong. The exercises will not only improve your eyesight but at the same time it will stop from deteriorating more.

The eye is the most beautiful and magical creation of God and hence it needs proper care and attention. Most people rely on their sense of sight more than any other senses. It helps them to perform their daily household chore, take care of loved ones, getting dressed and performing their work at the workplace.

But as you can read on the government site Healthy People, it’s becoming an ever increasing problem.

Hence it is difficult to imagine a life without the ability to see. Here are some simple and quick eye exercises that can help people to maintain healthy eyesight.

1. Begin with Simple Warm-Ups

It is advisable that you should never get engaged in progressive exercise with proper warm ups. You could start by covering your eyes and then cupping your pals. Uncover your eyes only when you see complete blackness. You can repeat this exercise several times.

2. Focus Exercise

Hold on to a pen or other object in front of your eyes, keep at arm’s length. Then slowly bring the object in front of your nose and then simply follow it with your eyes until you cannot focus any more. Repeat this exercise for around 10 times.

3. Eyeball Movement

You need to roll your eyes clockwise for a little time and then anticlockwise for a minute or two. This exercise helps in maintaining agility and strength.

4. A Simple Massage

Everyone loves a good and soothing massage. Just relax up your eyelids by closing your beautiful eyes and massaging them in a circular movement for a few minutes. Then gently press with three fingers of your each hand on your eyelids. Hold them for a couple of seconds, then release and repeat the exercise. Soak a towel in warm water and then apply it on close eyelids.

Everyone needs to devote at least half an hour to fitness and eye exercises, in order to improve your vision. With regular practice you can help your eyes to get relaxed and enhance your vision naturally. You can browse through are several websites that offer beneficial eye exercises.